Sunday, December 31, 2006

Last Post for 2006

Last post for 2006, here it is, would love to be able to write 'In all it's Glory' but.....not so much.

Although I didn't start this blog until August '06, and I had no idea what I was doing, I did learn, I'm still learning. Thanks to Kate I learned how to put 'buttons' up in the sidebar and I did direct other bloggers to her tutorial..... Kate is fabulous.

In fact, everyone over there in the sidebar..there's folks out there not in the are ALL fabulous, and I love you all.

I thank the universe for this community of fine folks.

A very special thank you to the universe for Ms.K, I cannot imagine my daily life without her, and one of these days....we are going to go see those wee bitty smiling lambies! No kidding, we first saw these over at Rabbitch's and fell head over heels in love, completely smitten!

I sat down and thought about the knitting I've accomplished this past year, made a list and here's what's what.

Socks.....I didn't know how to knit socks until...February of this past year and I've made 27 pairs of socks. Yep. Out of these 27 pairs of socks, I have 2 pair, DH has 2 pair....
Hats......I've made 13 hats, some of which were donated.
Scarves.....just 2.
Shawls......just 1.
Fetching....I made 4 pair.
I also made a cotton sleeveless pullover.

That's it.

This coming year of course I'll be knitting more socks, I want to make more shawls (read Swallowtail, at least), I'd like to knit the Clock Vest out of FolkVests, I also would love to knit the Nantucket Jacket on the cover of the IK Winter '06, I love love love that jacket. See where I'm going with this? I want to knit a few things for myself. Most of my knits are gifted, this year I hope to gift myself a few things. I'll be knitting for Dulaan this year and I'm really looking forward to this.

I'm also going to be spending some time learning to spindle. The light outside, of which there's not much and therefore wouldn't be able to take a good photo so that special gift I received from my mom will have to wait for another, brighter day for photo op.

I'm also going to try and post more often, wish me lots of luck with this one.

Oh yeah, did you see my new button in the sidebar? Yep, I'm going to be spending more time knitting entirely from my stash, pretty much the same rules as Wendy's, with an entirely free extra day for my birthday, even if I don't go out hunting and gathering on that particular day.

We'll see how it all goes,eh?

Oh yeah, this one's for UK Jo, freestylefibre woman, I'll try and write more weird's one.........I didn't want to be held or messed with as a baby. I feel for my mother about this and would feel even worse except that my brother who is 2 years older than me did like to be held and cuddled, etc.

Happy Knitting to All, and continue to make good time.

Friday, December 29, 2006

Weird? Pretty much.....

The Rules:Each player of this game starts with the ‘six weird things about you.’ People who get tagged need to write a blog of their own six weird things as well as state this rule clearly. In the end, you need to choose six people to be tagged and list their names. Don’t forget to leave a comment that says ‘you are tagged’ in their comments and tell them to read your blog.”

Those are the 'rules'.

I've been tagged, and I will do this, list 6 weird things about me, when actually there's not a lot that's NOT weird about me, ask any member of my family, ask any friend, they'll tell you, they'll tell you ALL about the weirdness. Now I'd like to point out that the name of this blog is....."Marianne's Knotminding" close your eyes and say this to yourself...ok? I'm not tagging anyone, so if anyone reading this would like to participate, please feel free to do so. "The Rules" are listed above, you can mind them or not, I'm Marianne and I'm Knotminding.

I have always felt a clear connection to 'weird', when I was in the 2nd grade, our homeroom teacher had us play a spelling game, she started it off with a word for the first person, then that person would have to come up with a word that started with the last letter of her word. I ended up with 'w', the first and only word I could think of was...'weird' teacher got a funny look on her face but at the same time she was just a little impressed in that I did spell it correctly.

1. With all my children, and grandchildren...when they were just wee bairns, I would use more 'sounds' than 'words' to get their attention, and the sound to fit the situation, from the sshhhhhhh to soothe, a low rumbling growl which always made them stop moving, they would then look at me like they were waiting for further direction which I would then give...there were happy little sounds, clicks, and chirps,etc, it was always very effective and very fascinating to watch them respond to the various sounds. I also make this 'sound' it's a funny little sound, yeah, with my mouth, and babies and small children love it and they can't figure out how to do it, in fact, I've not known anyone else who can make this sound, various adults have tried, I don't know how to explain how to do it but so far it seems to be all mine.

2. I take care of an online Neopet. Yep, she's 533 days old. My grandson, Conor, and I had gone to the Neopet site and he,(with my help) created this beastie. Here's what she looks like. cute,eh?

I play one game, and one game only, everyday, to 'earn' neopoints with which I 'buy' food for her and feed her, when I play a game, she's right there with me playing it too. I give her toys to play with, books to read, musical instruments for her to play, if I'm going away for a couple of days or so I book her into a lodge for the time I'm gone, they take care of her, feed her, etc, until I can get see, after Conor and I created her he took care of her when he was here (it was during the summer) and I didn't think much about it until school started back in, then I happened to 'check' on her and it said she was dying...of starvation...and I've been taking good care of her since. Can anyone else possibly top this for 'weird'?

3. There's music in my head going all.the.time. It changes here and there, but it's going.all.the.time.

4. I see stories in my head while listening to instrumental music, it's not something I 'direct' it just comes to me. This is why I can't listen to music to fall asleep with, the stories keep me awake.

5. I look at colours/art and hear sounds/music that are clearly connected to them(the colours)(and of course with the music comes the story) and when I hear music I see colours (and no, they don't tend to interfere with the stories).

6. I have a severe directional glitch, it's a form of dyslexia I know...and it can be pretty funny to the person sitting in the passenger seat and they know where we're 'supposed' to be I can learn a dance routine in a snap but take the direction outside of my body and unless I'm really familiar with the area of town I'm in...I'll get a heartbeat....I'm forever forgetting where I park my vehicle too. When I'm by myself I've been known to wander around parking lots for quite some time before I find my vehicle, so that's kind of weird, mostly ditzy,eh?

Well, there you have just a tiny sampling of my weirdness.

Here's a photo of the Irish Hiking Scarf, still working on it, it's around 4 inches wide and right now approx. 35 inches long.

Specs: 100% Cashmere colour rich violet, from Sarah's Yarns. 200 yds/skein, I've used 1 skein and have started on the left over skein used to make a pair of Fetching. Using US 5 needles. This scarf is for my mother, I tucked this in her gift bag (yep, needles and all) along with her Fetching, she did get a bit of a panicked look on her face when she saw those needles, but I assured her that no, she wasn't finishing it, I would.

I would also like to make a note here on the image I posted for Winter Solstice. I ran a search on Google for 'winter solstice' images, lots and lots of beautiful pieces there, this one really caught my eye though, I clicked on it, it took me to this blog, a lovely man, he had used the image on his winter solstice post last year....I emailed him about the image, had he created this stunning piece? no, he wished....a friend had sent it to him and he didn't know where it came from, I then went back to the image, and it did have another solstice.jpg, which leads nowhere. I did finally find lwsart...Louisiana Watercolor Society, but after searching through the site I could not find hide nor hair of this whoever created this beautiful piece of art, it's beyond stunning to me, and all I wanted to do was share it with friends and loved ones because some of them are going to respond to the image with some amazing feelings....also if you find your image on my blogsite I would love to visit with you, please email me (it's on my profile info).

I did get one very beautiful fibre related holiday gift, from my sweet mother, but I'm going to save it for the next post, hah! No kidding, it's beautiful, it's a piece of art, and I haven't yet found the quiet time to sit and play with it yet but soon....soon...

Happy Knitting to all and continue to make good time.

Monday, December 25, 2006

On the Eve and the Day...

On the Eve, which was last night, our family gathered together and it was great. It really is a good group, all fairly laid back and quick with the laughter and giggles. Aardron, my firstborn son, has a traditional t-shirt he wears Christmas orange (this is an incredible orange) 'Mr. T' t-shirt. Yep. Family tradition for as many years as I can remember...our Eve dinner has been chili. It's a great chili, Mom's recipe which calls for bittersweet chocolate as an ingredient. It's good. This past year, Aardron was having health problems, in fact this had been going on for quite some time, and yes, he went to a doctor, said doctor...well, he didn't say Deidre took him to the doctor that she, and Havala, and I go to, they ran tests and he was diagnosed with pancreatitis. What this means is a great change in his diet and chili is definitely out of the picture now, and for always. This is alright, we had a traditional turkey dinner and it was all fabulous. Deidre's DM, Sandy and Sandy's husband, Dallas, (I adore both of these people) roasted the turkey and made the dressing, and Deidre's Grandmother Beth was also with us, (she and I have known each other...forever, I adore her also), Angie (Deidre's sister of her heart) was also with us with her two kids, Corey, who is a grown man now, and Tia...(well on her way to adulthood if not already there) who is an equally delightful young woman....I've watched them grow up, they're beautiful. Havala brought one of her famous salads, quite simple really, just lots of good greens, real greens. Her Sweetheart, Corey, love this dude, remember I made the Pirate Hat for his BD? 'nuff said, he was there. My Mom was there, of course, she's known as Granny to my kids, Nanny to the little ones, often referred to as Granny/Nanny, she makes the best fruit salad, fresh fruits with a dressing of plain,non-fat yogurt and a bit of honey, I could eat this by the buckets, and mustn't forget her deviled eggs. SIL Deborah was also there, she's having work done on her house and the scheduling is very close and she's been working like a madwoman trying to get ready for the tradespeople and she was feeling....well, not festive, and having pain with her joints from the work and wasn't going to come, but I talked her out of staying home and the slogging through.....remember that 'bluntness' thing I told you about? She came, she enjoyed, she had a few hours rest...and we're all glad she did. Oh yeah, DH Bobby and I were there also...I brought cream puffs....I only make these about 3 times per year, and since I made a double batch.....that's it for this year. Bobby and I also drove to a somewhat close town yesterday to visit with Avery, our son, gave him his holiday goodies, he made pecan pies this year for gifts, they're delicious. Of course, the Grandchildren, Conor and Gracie.....seriously people, Conor could very well be the.sweetest.nicest.boy.ever. I wish everyone could see this boy in action..don't get me wrong, he's as rowdy as the next kid but his show of affection, his thoughtfullness can and does bring tears to my eyes, he is one very cool dude..... and Gracie? what a little Princess, and thankfully there are many Queens to watch over her........she truly is my Petit Wild Woman....

It rained last night, no snow, but a really nice sprinkly rain, soft showers, I loved it.
I would've posted yesterday or last night but was just a bit too busy earlier in the day, what with all the pastries, then tired last night when we finally got in.

This is what I accomplished though, there are three pair of socks that are missing from this collection, already gifted out, along with more 'warshcloths'....also I still have a WIP going, a cashmere Irish Hiking Scarf to go with the cashmere Fetching....for my Mother, oh yeah, is she loved or what?

Aardron Mansocks, Gracie socks, and the 'Flame' Conor socks. An Auntie's Red Beret.

Mom's Fetching, and 'warshcloths'.

Deidre's Fuzzy Feet and...yes, 'warshcloth', SIL Deborah's Fetching and 'warshcloth'.

Avery and Corey Mansocks....and Havala's Fetching and 'warshcloth'.

Doesn't seem like much when it's there but it sure kept me busy, for quite some time.

Next year? I'm thinking I need to make a pair of socks every month, perhaps some months will get two toss in the 'box' for safe keeping....but for now, I'm baking pumpkin pie this morning to take to an early afternoon dinner....and finish my Mom's scarf....then.....well, you know, there's ALWAYS more to knit!

Happy Knitting to All.....and continue to make good time.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Winter Solstice

The Return of the Light

Happy Knitting to all, and continue to make.good.time.

Friday, December 15, 2006

A lovely bit of Heaven in the Post

This will be a quick one due to becoming quite frantic here about the holiday knitting and yes, I keep hoping it all gets accomplished......sigh. That was a big sigh. Perhaps it should look like this...SIGH.....

First of all, yesterday was a Gracie day, therefore not much knitting is done with my Petit Wild Woman here, but loads of fun was had to be sure. At one point she was fiddling with her puzzles and singing, you know, making up the words as she went along, the thoughts in her head, I was rolling (in my own head), gives you a good look at their thought processes, I only wish I could remember half of what she was coming up with, but I swear, every home should have a 3 soon to be 4 year old for a while here and there. Why yes, I *am* a grandma, what? not *everyone* is interested in little children? All those out there who aren't....bless you.

Another great bit of excitement at the Goofy Clubhouse, a package came in the mail, name on the return? didn't have a clue, none at all. I open it up and there's a lovely card on top stating that this was a gift for me!
I look's from UK Jo...which just melted my heart...I looked inside the tissue and this is what I found.....look at those colours, you want to touch it don't you......I know you taken of top and bottom view...

it's soooooooft, it is sooooo soft, it's's that soft. and those colours...beautiful muted earth tones...there were tears in my's called "A Walk Through the Garden" and quite appropriate I must say. It's from Flawful Fibers & Yarns and it's absolutely delightful, my hands and fingers are burning,we are talking seriously burning to toss all holiday knits to the wind and play with the fibre. I know I've emailed you Jo, but again, thank you so much. You know, Jo has taken on the posting every. single. day. for the month of December, how brave is that? I mean, talk about a month that's already famous for being picnic-packed and she goes and signs herself up to post

The other bit of 'news', and I use that term quite loosely, believe me....I saw this in this morning's newspaper.....I couldn't believe it.....

and no kidding, it says "You may see cleavage and you may see a belly button...Tulsa's grown up and we think adult males should have a place to get a good hair cut and a little pampering just like ladies have for years".......ahem, excuse me? We're not even on the same page here.....also, (Peg, you're gonna love this) "A salon in Norman (OK) considered going topless" People...sheesh....but really, the saddest thing about this? The Tulsa World put this on the FRONT PAGE!! Now really, just how sad is that? Actually, I'm thinking the photo turned out pretty decent and if you want to read the on the photo (you can *always* click on my photos to get a larger view).
In a word...cheeeeezy.....'adult'? yeah, right.

Must get back to the knitting.

Happy knitting to all and continue to make good time.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

We Made Really Good Time

Sometimes the universe is so incredibly generous and just seriously showers you with grace...that's what it was like this past monday. What an incredible day.

My feelings and thoughts are flowing through my mind but when I sit down to write...not so much flow, and this is absolutely no reflection on the beauty that is Ms.K, at all. She is...well, she's beautiful, stately, elegant, a real stunner, she's brilliant, witty, kind, sensitive,hilariously funny, and you all know that already and really, whatever you imagine you can multiply *that* by at least a kergillion and it's a good start. And Mr.K? He's an absolute Sweetheart, he's great, but of course he is....just look who he fell in love with...and of course, consider who fell in love with him, 'nuff said.

But how can I tell you that we managed to dork and spaz our way across Kansas with the utmost glee, miss turn-offs, (I was driving, I delegated her to 'nagivator', but believe me if it'd been the other way around we'd still be there taking absolute wrong turns, stopping in occasionally to eat and put more gas in the vehicle...but yep, we'd still be lost).

She is the little sister that I kept asking my parents for.....and wouldn't give me...and yet, the universe definitely had my back on this one. All in due time.
Little Sister of my Heart.

OK, I'm going to tell you one thing that happened...I nearly died with remorse....she had knit a stole, remember that purpley knit that was laying underneath her Samus? which by the way, her Samus is gorgeous, I kid you not, beautifully knit, beyond beautiful... ok, the purpley knit is a stole like scarf that she knit for me..for me...I immediately put it on and felt the love...well...we stopped in for a bit of food at a Mexican place, we ate, left...we're on our way to the Yarn Barn in Lawrence, Ks and something went off in my head....'er, quick, look in the back, is the scarf there?' 'ummm, hmm, no, I don't see it' 'oh crap' (not exactly what I really said you can imagine) 'look in the bags...ack!' 'nope, don't see it', I wanted to cry, really badly...and we're trying to figure WTF could've happened...arghhhh.
We've gone too far to turn back with our time, so I asked her to call her KCSIS....which she did, what a darling KCSIS, she said she'd try and find out.....
Onward and upward, but can you imagine how I felt? We got to the Yarn Barn, which btw if you ever find yourself in Lawrence,KS, go to the old downtown area, that's where it is, great the parking is a diagonal affair and yes, there were parking meters but in my defence they were several feet from the cars...and heavily festooned for the holidays and I *did* think while pulling into the parking space...oh look, meters, must plug the out of said vehicle and that thought completely took off out of what must be an imaginary brain because the eyes were looking at the front of this store...whoa! This place is NICE....Heavenly NICE...they've got your yarns of all kinds, they've got your cones for weaving...they've got your spinning wheels, spindles, books, rovings, silk hankies, silk other things, camel down yarn, buffalo yarn (yep, the holy crapola yarn itself), great prices, discounts, just nearly anything and everything your fibre knitterly spinnery weavery self could want. What parking meter? Not another thought of it...until we walked out and what was the first thing I saw? yep, the parking meter, words flew out of my mouth, I walked to the vehicle really hoping that bit of paper under the wiper was a happy little invitation to the cute little shop two doors down, but no, a parking fine...I'm laughing, Ms.K, well, she's feeling a wee bit..something...but hey, the fine? 2 bucks...they even give you a self addressed envelope to mail it back to them, and Ms.K figured it really only cost .60 more than if we'd plugged the darn thing. Worth every penny for the laugh. Let's back up a bit, back in the barn, in the meantime, Ms.K gets a phone call, and because she had turned the volume up on her phone, it could be heard throughout the whole store, not the exact words mind you but you knew you were listening to someone talking...her KCSIS calling about the name of the Mexican place...which they finally figured out and she said she'd call them......more waiting...and yes, we both stuck our hands into that bag of alpaca top roving....sweet enough to bring tears to one's eyes.

I did manage to get a couple of photos of Ms.K while in THE Barn, at which point a woman came over and quietly told me the owners didn't allow photos taken...huh? but......there's some folks out there who have screwed it up for folks like us who just want to simply try and catch the moment...ya know? sheesh.

OK, so we leave the Barn, laugh about the Fine, head back to KC and the airport...KCSIS calls...yep, that Mexican place had the scarf (now I'm wanting to cry tears of joy) she'll pick it up and they'll get it posted to me....thank you so much KCSIS and KCMOM!!!

Of course the day didn't last nearly long enough, their flight was earlier than mine so I got to hang with Mr. and Ms.K for a bit longer then they were off winging their way towards their home and it was time for me to find my gate and make my way back home...

Although we didn't get to actually knit together, we did each have a project at hand to show and tell, I got to see the alpaca shawl she's working on, incredibly beautiful, and soft....and the colour...big sigh.

Ms. K, Thank you, positively lovely, we'll do this again sometime, somewhere...and hopefully the universe will grace us with more than just a few hours out of a day.......

Oh yeah, the goods I packed home.....I received a tin of those luscious baked goods Ms.K is so famous for and let me tell you....delicious doesn't even begin to describe them, melt in your mouth, bite sized pieces of heaven........sorry no photo but you can see them over at her site...the post where she was packing them the fibre...that roving, the colour is called...carrot cake, it is really very pretty, has all kinds of colours in there that the camera can't pick up, rather I realize it's my skills with the camera...and that's 2 skeins of alpaca, more a sports/DK weight,total yardage..1300...very pretty brown, more like a purpletone taupe brown, and the green? grabbed it up, it's a great green but needed a bit more for the discount, not painful at all, trust me, Gracie likes stash...nearly as much as her grandma does, heh.

Happy Knitting to all, and continue to make good time!

Sunday, December 10, 2006

A most incredible Gift.....

A couple of weeks ago...DH and I were in the backyard enjoying the weather, this was before the ice and snow mind you.....and I said to him....."you know blah blah in blah blah blah? well they're going to be in blah blah and I want to drive up to visit (read hang out big time....with a yarn crawl, of course)" He just looked at me...yeah? "yes, I figure it's X miles so would take Y hours to drive there, 'visit' for 3 maybe 4 hours then drive back home, now I know it will take all day but that's alright, I really want to see her" He looks at me for a few moments, then tells me...."You're nuts" oh well, we're going to bring that to the table? Of course I'm nuts, always have been, most likely always will....but I reply " yeah, yeah, I know, but I believe it's very doable" He says....."You'd be getting up and on the road at the break of dawn,(actually way before that considering the time of year it is) then getting to visit very little and driving home the which point my heart sinks but even hearing that word absolutely does not mean I won't be going...).....I'll fly you there, rent you a vehicle, that way you'd get there around 9am, have all day, (and we are talking *all* day) then fly you back home that night".

How amazing is that? He truly is my Darling Husband......and I had no idea he could turn himself into a passenger airplane......

Which brings the reason I've been up since 5am, I'm baking bread and those Date Squares to take as gifts.....I am so excited! Now I've not seen her.....well, for the longest time, I can't even truthfully say *when* it was I actually saw her, but that absolutely does not reflect on how dear a friend she is to me, I love her..........and I am so excited......bouncing off the walls here at our little american clubhouse (you'd best be thinking as in Mickey Mouse, no, I take that back....think Goofy, that's more like it) and why? DH and I are both ADD, and it gets pretty hilarious around here, never mind the kitty,(ADD Deluxe) who has become a lot more than a 'part-time' kitty, who's name has ended up being Smoochie, thanks to our oldest son, Aardron, he just started calling her that mainly to tease his daughter, Gracie, who wanted to name her.....Gracie....yep, she's very generous with her name.
Did you get that 'ADD' part?

Couple more FO's........two pair of mansocks.....

It's just going to get busier around here, and tomorrow is the big day for the most incredible day trip ever and will get back to you all on tuesday or

Happy knitting to all and continue to make good time.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Yet another FO

Yep, the Fuzzy Feet I saw over at Kate's a while back, they look a bit wonky in the photo but they are indeed both the same size, I needle felted the green on there.....and really I'm thinking I should've done a simple embroidery stitch and then felted and learn...

I'm a bit ditzy in the brain, when I made that last post I meant to direct you to Kate's site,(yes, same link as above) please go there, read, then perhaps if you would like to get yourselves some of those soy candles just keep following the links. We are all in this together, and honestly, wouldn't you rather do a bit of holiday shopping and at the same time support the independent craftsperson?

Keep on a-knittin' and continue to make good time.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Two FOs

Just a quickie....finally finished Shedir....fiddly little knit that it is I did enjoy watching the pattern coming along...not that crazy about the Calmer, would possibly consider making the woman another one, perhaps using KnitPicks Shine, which is machine washable and therefore more ease in the care...(Calmer of course requiring handwash and lay flat to dry)...I'm sure she could use more than one hat, maybe after the holidays.....also, go check out Jo's Shedir, you might need to scroll down, Jo is doing a post a day for the month of December, brave young woman that she is, her son, Neo is wearing the hat, he's such a beautiful boy. Yes, go look, I'm not going anywhere.....

The other is the beret out of IK Winter 06 issue, and I used Paton Classic Merino Rich Red, this is a really nice beret, quite easy to knit up, and no, it's not all poufy like it looks, I found those styrofoam heads today to use in showing the hats I make, they're somewhat pin-headed, and of course no hair which is great for Shedir but not so much for anything else....I've stuffed the beret with a bit of plastic bags to keep it up on the 'head'. Otherwise, this is how it looks on the 'head'. funny.

Peg has been making these, and she's added flowers to hers, they're really quite beautiful, she inspired me.

Please take a few minutes to go see possibly the prettiest baby ever here, yeah, scroll down, enjoy the snow photos, oh yeah, look at that baby Faith.

Ms. K has kept me in tears and laughter with her posts, from holiday lists for him, and her, to mopping her kitchen hardwood floor with chocolate truffle, yes, you read that right.....not to mention the need for extra bejeebers to get her through this holiday season.

Angie's lovely Daughter, Holly, just celebrated a birthday yesterday, she is such a beautiful and accomplished young woman, her little holiday mousie has me completely charmed, and enchanted.

That lovely crazy knitting lady finished her Fair Isle sweater, it is absolutely stunning.

Until next time, happy knitting to all and continue to make good time.

Friday, December 01, 2006


My last post was 2 days ago...lots can happen in 2 days, actually quite a bit can and does happen in 1 day, Oklahoma weather, actually I think that should read...Oklahoma Weather.

Wednesday morning I took those photos on previous post, the temp dropped 40 degrees within several hours...went to bed with it raining/sleeting, more during the next morning with temps dropping steadily (remember, it was already in the 20'sF) then it started snowing, so beautiful, there's this sweet quiet that comes with the snow and I love that quiet.

I think they were even saying 'blizzard conditions', I don't know what it's like where you live, but the very least amount of 'weather' around here and you'd think the sky was falling...breaking's insane. Yes, there's ice under the snow, do you really need to go out? If the answer to that is no, then don't, what more is there to say, think, or do? If you just have to go out in it, you'd best know how to drive in it, otherwise? Stay home.

This morning we woke up to here are a few photos...

The backyard as seen from patio door..(no, I didn't go 'out' for these photos, had already been out in the snow retrieving the newspaper)

This is out the kitchen door, which is the door we mostly use.

Icicles hanging off the house, I love icicles, the kids and I used to make icicle castles, villages...many long years ago....magical places.

Remember this tree? You can still see the nest, has a bit of snow in/on it.

Happy knitting to all and continue to make good time.