Sunday, December 31, 2006

Last Post for 2006

Last post for 2006, here it is, would love to be able to write 'In all it's Glory' but.....not so much.

Although I didn't start this blog until August '06, and I had no idea what I was doing, I did learn, I'm still learning. Thanks to Kate I learned how to put 'buttons' up in the sidebar and I did direct other bloggers to her tutorial..... Kate is fabulous.

In fact, everyone over there in the sidebar..there's folks out there not in the are ALL fabulous, and I love you all.

I thank the universe for this community of fine folks.

A very special thank you to the universe for Ms.K, I cannot imagine my daily life without her, and one of these days....we are going to go see those wee bitty smiling lambies! No kidding, we first saw these over at Rabbitch's and fell head over heels in love, completely smitten!

I sat down and thought about the knitting I've accomplished this past year, made a list and here's what's what.

Socks.....I didn't know how to knit socks until...February of this past year and I've made 27 pairs of socks. Yep. Out of these 27 pairs of socks, I have 2 pair, DH has 2 pair....
Hats......I've made 13 hats, some of which were donated.
Scarves.....just 2.
Shawls......just 1.
Fetching....I made 4 pair.
I also made a cotton sleeveless pullover.

That's it.

This coming year of course I'll be knitting more socks, I want to make more shawls (read Swallowtail, at least), I'd like to knit the Clock Vest out of FolkVests, I also would love to knit the Nantucket Jacket on the cover of the IK Winter '06, I love love love that jacket. See where I'm going with this? I want to knit a few things for myself. Most of my knits are gifted, this year I hope to gift myself a few things. I'll be knitting for Dulaan this year and I'm really looking forward to this.

I'm also going to be spending some time learning to spindle. The light outside, of which there's not much and therefore wouldn't be able to take a good photo so that special gift I received from my mom will have to wait for another, brighter day for photo op.

I'm also going to try and post more often, wish me lots of luck with this one.

Oh yeah, did you see my new button in the sidebar? Yep, I'm going to be spending more time knitting entirely from my stash, pretty much the same rules as Wendy's, with an entirely free extra day for my birthday, even if I don't go out hunting and gathering on that particular day.

We'll see how it all goes,eh?

Oh yeah, this one's for UK Jo, freestylefibre woman, I'll try and write more weird's one.........I didn't want to be held or messed with as a baby. I feel for my mother about this and would feel even worse except that my brother who is 2 years older than me did like to be held and cuddled, etc.

Happy Knitting to All, and continue to make good time.


Blogger Hege said...

Wow, you have knitted a lot this year! I was impressed with the pictures, but seeing the numbers makes it even more impressive! Let's see, I also learned to knit socks this year, and I have spent three months knitting almost 1.5 pair! :)

31 December, 2006 16:00  
Blogger Emma said...

Ack! I completely didn't even think to organize a Last Post of 2006 post. I have stuff I want to share, like some yarn-y Christmas gift and a NEW camera, but there's been no time. Oh, and a new office and a new car. I tell you, these last two weeks have been CRAZY! Can't wait for the next Knit Nite. Happy New Year!

31 December, 2006 18:07  
Blogger Fiberjoy said...

I like the idea of using up stash. Time to start weaving again.

Do you think you may have been sensitive to touch as a baby? Perceptions?

31 December, 2006 21:34  
Blogger Beth Bachuss said...

Thanks, Marianne, for mentioning the link in your comments in Rabbitch's comments. I had been looking for that for a while!

Happy New Year!

31 December, 2006 21:46  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh knitting from my stash sounds good then this naughty lady surfed a few sites and got a peak at some new Noro ...I'm a hopeless case. Maybe you were an independant ,very investigative baby who found hugging meant being crushed up and unable to see what was going on etc?angie who blogger is refusing anything but anonymous!

01 January, 2007 03:03  
Blogger Ms. Knitingale said...

The universe is getting daily thanks from me, too, Sweetie. I love you from the bottom of my stash....and my heart.

01 January, 2007 10:41  

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