Friday, December 15, 2006

A lovely bit of Heaven in the Post

This will be a quick one due to becoming quite frantic here about the holiday knitting and yes, I keep hoping it all gets accomplished......sigh. That was a big sigh. Perhaps it should look like this...SIGH.....

First of all, yesterday was a Gracie day, therefore not much knitting is done with my Petit Wild Woman here, but loads of fun was had to be sure. At one point she was fiddling with her puzzles and singing, you know, making up the words as she went along, the thoughts in her head, I was rolling (in my own head), gives you a good look at their thought processes, I only wish I could remember half of what she was coming up with, but I swear, every home should have a 3 soon to be 4 year old for a while here and there. Why yes, I *am* a grandma, what? not *everyone* is interested in little children? All those out there who aren't....bless you.

Another great bit of excitement at the Goofy Clubhouse, a package came in the mail, name on the return? didn't have a clue, none at all. I open it up and there's a lovely card on top stating that this was a gift for me!
I look's from UK Jo...which just melted my heart...I looked inside the tissue and this is what I found.....look at those colours, you want to touch it don't you......I know you taken of top and bottom view...

it's soooooooft, it is sooooo soft, it's's that soft. and those colours...beautiful muted earth tones...there were tears in my's called "A Walk Through the Garden" and quite appropriate I must say. It's from Flawful Fibers & Yarns and it's absolutely delightful, my hands and fingers are burning,we are talking seriously burning to toss all holiday knits to the wind and play with the fibre. I know I've emailed you Jo, but again, thank you so much. You know, Jo has taken on the posting every. single. day. for the month of December, how brave is that? I mean, talk about a month that's already famous for being picnic-packed and she goes and signs herself up to post

The other bit of 'news', and I use that term quite loosely, believe me....I saw this in this morning's newspaper.....I couldn't believe it.....

and no kidding, it says "You may see cleavage and you may see a belly button...Tulsa's grown up and we think adult males should have a place to get a good hair cut and a little pampering just like ladies have for years".......ahem, excuse me? We're not even on the same page here.....also, (Peg, you're gonna love this) "A salon in Norman (OK) considered going topless" People...sheesh....but really, the saddest thing about this? The Tulsa World put this on the FRONT PAGE!! Now really, just how sad is that? Actually, I'm thinking the photo turned out pretty decent and if you want to read the on the photo (you can *always* click on my photos to get a larger view).
In a word...cheeeeezy.....'adult'? yeah, right.

Must get back to the knitting.

Happy knitting to all and continue to make good time.


Blogger Peg-woolinmysoup said...

Now I am off to my hairdressser this am and she is Irish - do you think she will show tummy and wear a little Irish Colleen's costume? I think not and I hope not! I hear you now own a spindle, Marianne. Oh I will watch your spinning and try to stay away from getting caught in the beautiful fibres. I am also awaiting a parcel from Jo. Maybe today! I don't think our DS or DIL will be going to the topless hairdresser! Our front page is covered with pictures of fallen trees and snow - Vancouver and Victoria are being hammered with wind and rain as I write. We are covered in soggy snow! Don't feel sorry for us though, we have power and that is a big deal here. Some have had no power since Monday and no hope of it for another several days!!

15 December, 2006 11:43  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I did read at least three real old sour-pussies who stated on their blogs that they hate it when people talk about their pets or children...misery or what? I adore it when children are learning at that rapid rate ,they sing read you things from an upside down book etc .I miss those days I really do .As for the newspapaer have not seen what passes for daily papers here ..on low sheves so children can see them .

15 December, 2006 11:59  
Blogger Charity said...

Oooh, what wonderful fibre you have there! I agree with you - preschoolers bring so much life and fun and excitement to a home! :0)

15 December, 2006 12:47  
Blogger Dana said...

I "aaahhhed" over "A Walk Through The Garden." It's beautiful and I'm sure you're anxious to work with it. I laughed out loud at the newspaper article. Wow...what a way to cut hair! I'd be fighting to keep my thighs from popping out of those shorts (much less other anatomical parts). ;) Have a warm & wonderful Christmas and a very, very Happy New Year!

18 December, 2006 12:13  

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