Friday, February 02, 2007

This Blogger's (Silent) Poetry Reading

We Sat Smoking at a Table … May Sarton (I really love her writing)

We sat smoking at a table by the river
And then suddenly in the silence someone said,
“Look at the sunlight on the apple tree there shiver:
I shall remember that long after I am dead.”
Together we all turned to see how the tree shook,
How it sparkled and seemed spun out of green and gold,
And we thought that hour, that light and our long mutual look
Might warm us each someday when we were cold.

And I thought of your face that sweeps over me like light,
Like the sun on the apple making a lovely show,
So one seeing it marveled the other night,
Turned to me saying, “What is it in your heart? You glow.”—
Not guessing that on my face he saw the singular
Reflection of your grace like fire on snow—
And loved you there.


Anonymous MonicaPDX said...

Oh my, Marianne... I love that one!! Thank you.

Ok, now I simply have to do this in my post today. Have. To. Now the only problem is trying to remember a favorite poem, because most of mine usually tend to be something in a fantasy book or such, rather than, er, straight poetry. So to speak. ;)

(and got your email addy, will be writing...well, probably quite a bit later today. may want to experiment a little in Painter so I can attach a pic.)

02 February, 2007 15:38  
Anonymous Gretch said...

That was a good one!!! May Sarton, indeed. I always thought of her as a kinder, gentler, not to mention more accessible Gertrude Stein. Well done, and thank you. For all of it.

02 February, 2007 18:40  
Blogger picperfic said...

so touching...I often look at leaves on trees, shivering in the light...Bazza makes me glow :^)The whole poem rang true...lucky me!

03 February, 2007 05:12  
Blogger Jo said...

Just beautiful Marianne.

03 February, 2007 09:15  
Blogger ambermoggie said...

lovely Marianne, thank you for that

03 February, 2007 10:49  
Blogger Ms. Knitingale said...

Damn...that's absolutely beautiful. I'm picky about poetry but that one....damn.

04 February, 2007 10:20  

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