Saturday, January 20, 2007

Happy Birthday Gracie!

Daphne one and only Granddaughter turns 4 today.

She's just the best. She's hilarious, smart, sweet, kind, and nurturing. She's sensitive, in a good way. But she also has quite a bit of her grandmother (talking about this grandmother) in her,(just ask her mom and dad) in don't want She has a healthy mean streak in her (ask her brother). But that's not to say she's just not busy keeping it all balanced out. She loves her brother, she adores her brother, and he adores her.

This girl has a wonderful imagination, is quick with the witty phrases (and of course doesn't realize this yet), and she is......The Princess of Puzzles...and yes, this is one of her titles. A 100 piece puzzle? For her a piece of cake.....slice O' pie.

As with her brother, I was gifted with highest honours in getting to be there for her birth, amazing. Her Grandma Sandy and I just held each other and cried, for pure joy. Gracie is our Faerie Girl.

Gracie's due date was 27 Jan, which was my maternal Grandmother's birthdate, (Deidre opted for a week early) but Gracie was named after my Grandmother, the Grace part, now she was originally going to be Heather Grace.....but Conor had other ideas on this, he's the one that came up with Daphne, when I heard this I thought....does he watch 'Frasier'? no, silly Grandma, try 'Scooby-doo'. Yep. But I think it's a lovely name, Daphne, and of course we had planned all along to call her 'Gracie'.....(I couldn't wait for the "Say Goodnight Gracie" she never, ever fell for it).

A few photos.
Of course I should've been getting ready for this post, requesting a few baby pics from her mom,'re getting to figure me out here, eh? I do happen to have this one.......and yes, she was a robust baby, a true bouncing baby girl.

She loves snow.

Yep, it's official....

Loves to dance.

Happy Birthday Gracie, I love you.

Oh, hey, isn't 4 the magic number for learning to knit? I've already given her knitting needles, and some yarn, and she tells me she already knows how to knit but that I can remind her sometime ......again......later.......let's put this puzzle together, eh, Grandma? All in due time.

Happy Knitting to All and continue to make good time.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

A BIG happy birthday, Gracie. Her brick (tile?) is beautiful. I love the saying on it.

Grandchildren .... aren't they the most perfect children ... all the fun, none of the mess. LOL

20 January, 2007 10:34  
Anonymous angie Cox said...

"Happy Birthday" hope you are having a wonderful day Gracie. I can't remember Holly's 4th except that in those days Daddy took the day off so we could go to the cinema before a party. I want to be a Granny but don't want Holly hurrying ..not too much longer where to find a man who is suitable !! You all enjoy yourselves , angie ,jeff and Holly xxx

20 January, 2007 11:10  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good Gawd, Woman, you do have a lot of birthdays to celebrate in January, don't you?

Happy Birthday to Gracie! She is a doll (and a bit of a ham, no?)

20 January, 2007 12:45  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Marianne, The color on the socks is #764

20 January, 2007 13:50  
Blogger Charity said...

Happy Birthday, Gracie! Yay, 4 is such a big, grown up number to be. :0)

20 January, 2007 14:34  
Blogger Peg said...

Happy Birthday, Gracie. What a beautiful name!
I am with Gracie on jigsaw puzzles. When I feel totally knackered (?sp) I just get out a jigsaw puzzle and it completely relaxes me! I don't care if I have done them before! I just love doing them - not the turning over part at first! Let me know if Gracie loves to turn over the pieces at the beginning, I just might have to get her here to help me!

20 January, 2007 17:33  
Blogger barbp said...

Oh she is quite the little cutie. You have lots of birthdays going on right now. Whew.

That mansock is extremely handsome. I love the blending of the colors. Handsome indeed.

20 January, 2007 21:22  
Blogger Jo said...

How did I miss another birthday, you seem to have got two posts out in the blink of an eye, and I don't know where I've been! She's a cutie, anyway, and so full of love and loved! XOXOX

21 January, 2007 13:29  

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