Thursday, January 11, 2007

Fly by again..........

Just a quick fly by....and to answer some of the questions....

Julie, I wish I had all the colours of Patons but alas, I don't.
Wanda, I love the way your mind works, "organizing time in the knitting trenches" indeed, and I like the idea of having yurts in my backyard.
Ms.K, yes, denim marl and yes, it's one of my very favourites also.
Angie, small and cramped it may be, you still have a room and I'm just a tad bit envious.
Jo, stilts were my #1 choice of play equipment when I was in grade-school, love love love them.
Charity, you have got to be one of the very sweetest in Knitbloglandia, no kidding, seriously.
Emma, looking forward to seeing the pattern chart.
Hege, this one's for you, ok, all of you who have used the Paton's Classic merino wool for projects, sing out your experiences please....either direct them here in the comments or...well, actually, that's a good idea. Hege can come back and read them here. She's wondering about the 'wear' and I'm just guessing here to mean the longevity of the knitted fabric, I've used it mainly for felting and it felts very sturdily, I also used it for the Pirate hat, knit back in Oct., and the red beret that was part of the holiday knitting, alas, I have no item that I knit for myself (and not felted) so have no experience as to longevity, pilling, any of the problems, etc.......
Sarah, and Peg, and for all of you who like looking at stashes.....I had originally planned to show it a little at a time but I'm showing the rest of it today, well, not all of it, there's still that HUGE bag of Lion Homespun (seriously, doesn't everyone have one of these?) and the various skeins/balls of 'other' stuff that I just didn't feel like hauling out in that they're stuck away in a different spot, they don't need to be protected against moths,bugs,etc.

The various wool.

The beloved alpaca.

The laceweights, also beloved.

The cotton/plant fibres.

The sock.

The 'warshrag' stuff.

The oddballs/left-overs.

I love each and every one of you.

Happy Knitting to All and continue to make good time.


Blogger Dee said...

That's quite a stash! ;-)

11 January, 2007 09:36  
Blogger Charity said...

Awwwww, Marianne! You're sweet, too. Thanks for making me smile today! :0)

And that alpaca! I just want to curl up in it and have a nap!

11 January, 2007 11:57  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

And there's actually more? WOW!

I've only used the Paton's for a couple hats and scarves this past fall so I can't help Hege. I sure am interested to hear what others have to say about it.

11 January, 2007 12:33  
Blogger Dianne said...

OH MY Gosh..I don't even have a 'stash' to speak
I just bought a handy dandy canvas 'stash holder' today at Walmart..perhaps as I become a more seasoned knitter, my stash will grow..grow and grow..and MOTH..will say..'what's in that bag'..giggles
For 2007, I do intend to become a more organized knitter and record keeper of my projects..instead of sticking in the mail without a photo..Happy Knitting!!~~

11 January, 2007 13:05  
Blogger Peg said...

I have some serious 'stash envy' to deal with. Bye for now I am going off to knit and try to overcome this problem!

11 January, 2007 13:57  
Blogger Ms. Knitingale said...

So, so pretty. Charity, I could so easily roll around in that alpaca myself! Marianne, I can't wait to see what you make with all this wonderfulness!

11 January, 2007 18:53  
Blogger Fiberjoy said...

I kept thinking each picture of stash would be the last. You have some serious stash. That'll keep you out of mischief this year.

Baby Faith was over today and I took her out into the sun for a bit (sorry, didn't get any pics). She was well wrapped in her blanket but the piercing cold reminded me of crocheting a baby hooded cape for Aurora. Then I remembered some lofty white yarn in my stash. I dug it out: Paton - Shetland wool! Whoot!

11 January, 2007 23:26  
Anonymous angie Cox said...

Oh I am so in awe of your taking on the bird nut your stash .

12 January, 2007 01:36  
Blogger hege said...

Your have quite a nice stash, so many pretty yarns, and I can see your color scheme clearly :) I love those blues and pinks myself. I reorganized my stash this week as well, and it's just good to get it all out. Very motivating.
Thanks for the info on Patons, I think I will brave a sweater with it.

12 January, 2007 10:36  
Blogger barbp said...

Sigh. I'm such an amateur. *smile*

16 January, 2007 21:50  
Blogger Kate A. said...

Yummy, yummy stash. Yours look a heck of a lot like mine, actually, although my Paton's stash has been pretty much cleaned out recently. I, too, have that bag of LB Homespun for I know not what reason, but I think I'm giving it to charity, soon. It has been isolated along with some other acrylicy yarns that I know I'm just not going to knit up, and I'm waiting for the right place to send them...

That alpaca, especially, it's true, is just too yummy for words.

17 January, 2007 09:59  

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