Friday, January 26, 2007


Just a bit of a fly by to............

Thank each and everyone who came by with best wishes for Bobby's and my anniversary, seriously, 'ya'll' are such sweet folks. A HUGE welcome to the new callers, I hope you all come back.

Ms.K, mercy, I DID try to say "btufttem" 5 times really fast, I couldn't get it out of my mouth the FIRST time.

Gretch, I finally got the FI socks off his feet, gave them a good bath, they were dry by the next evening at which time he put them back on and are still on his feet. I'm thinking buffalo bedsocks/hang around the house socks are definitely in order. Now I'm just hoping the LYS has the goods.

Wanda, I do love that stubborn streak you have.

I'd like to make a request now, you see, Angie's last post a few days ago mentioned that Jeff, her husband, was feeling sick, and she hasn't posted again, I emailed her but haven't gotten a reply, this morning I checked on Holly's blog and Holly left a message that Jeff has possible kidney stones, we know that's no day at the beach, right? So my request is this, to take a few moments, send some healing energy their way in whatever manner you prefer, I know Angie must be beside herself with anxiety over this, perhaps some encouraging words, let her know that she, Jeff and Holly are in our thoughts and prayers, I'd really appreciate that.
Thank you!

Gracie informed me not too long ago that she no longer liked wearing hats.....?!? So........I had some left-over yarn from her holiday socks and made one of these for her, the Calorimetry, from Knitty, I used US4 needles, the yarn is a sport/DK weight, went with the pattern stitchcount but didn't do the full 15 recommended rows for the middle part, just sort of guessed at it. It fits, she loves it, keeps her ears warm, and it does cover a fair portion of her head to keep that body warmth in.

Chapped lips and all.....

Happy Knitting to all and continue to make good time.


Blogger Jo said...

Oh it's such a cute little hat and it suits Gracie, I really like the colours. x

26 January, 2007 09:58  
Blogger picperfic said...

Oh I love Gracie's calorimetry, she's very lovely too! I know all about little girls that won't wear hats, mind you, if it's not cold enough they do make your head itch!

26 January, 2007 10:43  
Blogger Sarah said...

So much to catch up with if I don't visit for a couple of days! Love your anniversary post and the beautiful gifts and how you are thinking of exchanging some and the great head band and more birthdays - and well just glad things are happy with you and happy knitting I guess!

Re the argyle vest I did think about making it plain but then I saw the words 'steeking' in there and I thought, I am all for being brave but really - a cable maybe but steeking!

26 January, 2007 10:55  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Calorimetry fits her perfectly; and she looks soooo cute:)

26 January, 2007 11:27  
Anonymous Gretch said...

Toooooo cute. The calorimetry is nice too! What a coup if she wears it like Bobby wears his sox! And I'm thinking, maybe it's not chapped lips at all, but tell-tale signs of pink strawberry cake...

26 January, 2007 11:44  
Blogger Faren said...

What a great calorimetry!
Will be thinking of Angie and her family.

26 January, 2007 12:33  
Blogger Knit and fall back in it said...

What a cute little girl. I printed that same pattern just this morning because I am like Gracie in that I do not like to wear hats either. I don't know Angie, but you can bet that my prayers will be with anyone suffering from kidney stones.

26 January, 2007 13:42  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ooh, love the Calorimetry. I can't wait to try that myself for my next knit. I love me some hats too, but not on the days when my hair's up in a clip.

26 January, 2007 15:06  
Blogger Ms. Knitingale said...

Oh my gosh--could that kid BE any cuter? The calorimety looks absolutely awesome. No wonder she loves it. Thanks for the Angie update. I'll send her all the love and healing I can.

26 January, 2007 15:20  
Blogger Charity said...

Oh, what a cutie you have there! So glad to hear you mention Angie - I was just thinking about her today... Let me know if you hear back! :0)

27 January, 2007 16:30  
Blogger picperfic said...

In answer to your question about my sock on my blog....this might work...anyway I used the 'purple iris' sock pattern and the yarn colour I used is 'watercolour'

[url=]Click here![/url]

28 January, 2007 07:45  
Blogger picperfic said...

oh well I tried lol! wish we could edit our posts!

28 January, 2007 07:46  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've always been very happy with everything I bought from KnitPicks. They may become my source for sock yarn from now on.

I do love browsing the LYS though for interesting new things.

28 January, 2007 08:04  
Blogger Blue Ridge Knittery said...

The Calorimetry looks amazing (and Gracie is just adorable in and out of it)! I'll definitely have to get that pattern for my daughter. Have a great one, Dana

29 January, 2007 10:27  

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