Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Mind the divot, please.

Full steam ahead. I've a busy busy day today, running errands, dropping off papers at the recycling bin at the school, library pick up (socks on 2 needles book), post office, etc. several stops to make.

I'm going to give you some yarnporn today....some, not all of it (the anniversary trade goodies not being shown today), just the birthday, and the 'just because' and the 'care' gifts...all of it incredible goodness.

Long awaited Peace Fleece shots:

Lauren's Coral (worsted weight)

Anna's Grasshopper (worsted weight)

Sheplova Mushroom (sport weight) this is in reality a much richer, deeper brick red....Norma has this on her needles and has been having the same problems getting the true colour across via photo.

Kamchatka Sea Moss (sport weight)

A GREAT BIG THANK YOU to SIL Deborah, this yarn gives me major swoons.
Oh, and those were a birthday gift.

Fleece Artist sock yarn, beautiful don't you think? Look at those colours...I could nearly swim in those colours, certainly I could eat grapes in a pool in those colours... I know you'd like to touch it too. Ask me how it smells. (heavenly)....I received this from Ms.K, (no disguise angel that she is) we sent each other care packages in January and I just couldn't bring myself to show the WHOLE package all at one time, it would seem somehow nearly boastful in a way, but you'll see items here and there....of course you know I have thanked her e normal mousely many many times already and I'm going to thank her again...THANK YOU!

Would you look at this? Sundara Yarn, sock yarn, beautiful hand dyed so soft 100% Merino sock yarn. This is gorgeous, and heavenly shades of green, the colour is called Juniper over yellow, (there's not even a hint of that 'acidy' colour going on here). Gretchen sent this to me, OUT OF THE BLUE, along with a Tom Waits CD, I don't know about you but I have a real soft spot for Tom Waits and his rawness and his particular sense of humour, just love him. He serenaded Bobby and I on V-Day during the dinner hour, heh. Gretchen, you are such a sweetheart, THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!!!!! I also would like to take a moment...and ask you to reconsider this blogless state you're in, you really are going to wish you had a blog in a few days....yep....they're easy to do...plenty of folks to help you along, I know I'm not the only person out here wanting to see your don't *have* to blog Obviously. Hmmmmmmm? Don't you think there just might be a blog on your path? Could ya'll sing out some encouragement in the comments? KNOW you want to read more......

Pretty,eh? I just had to have me some of this, from Lisa Souza, it's Blue Faced Leicester, sport/DK weight, in her Mars Quake colourway, it is gorgeous, it is so soft, I have no idea what I'm going to do with it, but I love this yarn (yes, to distraction) for now I'm quite content to pet it, fondle it, tickle it, listen to the giggles. This, and only this, one skein mind you, was my birthday mulligan, for me, I'm going to be selfish on this one, she's mine.

That's enough yarnporn for now, I still have the anniversary stuff (the traded goods) to show but I've not taken photos yet. I will.

I will have you all know that I DID finish Dana's socks and they will be posted off and winging their way to her today. Can we all throw in a big YAY? I think so.
It was very hard to part with them, seriously painful. I also have a little story about that particular yarn. But I'd like her to receive them before I tell it. It's good, it's all good, funny...and good.

The news around here today...I am so screwed. I have 3 major-ly important birthdays coming up...(why does February have to be so short?), one on the 28th (yes, 1 week away) the next on the 2nd of March, and then the third on the 3rd of March......I am so screwed. How does time get away from me like this.....I've started some socks for the first BD....and I wanted to make the Swallowtail for the third BD, but...ok, I've read around blogland it's a fairly quick knit, it's not HUGE but I keep reading... 'a week and a day', that's not going to cut it. WTF and what to do. I am so screwed. I'll figure something out. I will. (and no, they don't wear hats, they have scarves, and the fingerless mitts...)

The other bit of news, that distracted thing? I really think I need to be more cautious about that 'whappin' the forehead' behavior...and I caution other forehead whappers to maybe lay off a bit on the whappin', because..... right after my birthday (12 Jan) I noticed this little red spot on my forehead...thought it a zit and did the usual thing we do (I know you do that so don't even try to look all innocent like) and realized quite quickly it wasn't a zit. I left it alone. I didn't pick at it. I did watch it however, with great interest and just a bit of horror. That 'thing' grew, fast, ugly, I named it, many names, one of them I'll even write here, volcano rock? yep. It was ugly. Of course I went to the doc, (Bobby says "I hope it doesn't make her throw up when she looks at it" heh, funny guy) she looked at it and indeed make a kind of sour puckery face, said she'd get me in to a dermatologist to have it looked at.....jump through insurance hoops for a few days....finallly get an appointment for..wait....the 28th of March. Hmmmmm, at the rate Igneousa is growing, well, let's just say it could be crawling or walking by the 28th of March. A good friend of mine suggested I call the dermatologist office and request to be put on their 'cancellation list', (I have very bright friends, I need them, I am very blessed to have them) so I called said office, made my request, they put me on their list...and they called! I kid you not, (did they really actually have a 'list'?) they could get me in that afternoon, I had Gracie with me, it was a Gracie day, I talked with Deidre about it, now I don't mind taking Gracie with me but it worked out Grandma Sandy arranged to come get the girl. So, went, he looked at it, told me what he thought it was, all I wanted to know was...can you take it off...but of course, if you'd please follow me? Do you all really want the details? yeah? oh boy... He shot the area with 'numby' which actually hurt and I uttered some obscenities.. then although I couldn't feel 'pain' I could feel the pressure, it felt like he had to have been kneeling on my head (you know, to get that really good leverage?) and digging...(I'm thinking, 'whoa dude, my skull is RIGHT THERE!! and fully expecting him to be scraping bone) but the pressure wasn't all....oh no....I could 'hear' (you know, inside your head?) the scalpel cutting it away, that with the pressure thing...grp...but. It's gone. Bobby looked at the....'divot' and said "We could take a photo, it looks like a bullet hole" yeah. He's my funny honey. But I've been waiting to 'hear back' you know, for the biopsy report. I got it ugly and nasty as Igneousa was on the outside, it appears that her soul was benign. Good news. I've wanted and needed to whap myself on the forehead but have resisted the last few days, divot doesn't care for it.

Life is good.

Happy Knitting to all and continue to make.good.time.


Anonymous Gretch said...

Wowee. How grateful can your readers be? I'm doing happy jogs around the snowdrop (nearly pinned completely into formal blocking pose!)to be able to keep our knotminder! Praise Be!!!
Nice yarn. - That Peace Fleece. Yowza. I had no idea there was...such your stash. Luckyyyyyyy.
Have an idea for the birthday muligan...

21 February, 2007 10:33  
Blogger Glenna C said...

Wow, what a yarn porn haul!
I will live vicariously through you - and I hope your head divot heals swiftly ;)

21 February, 2007 10:33  
Blogger Emma said...

Ack! Very graphic description there at the end.

I will be by your house sometime soon to sneak in and steal that Sundara. I am so covetous! I want some!

21 February, 2007 10:40  
Blogger Peg said...

That is the best news! No more forehead whapping!!
Beautiful yarn!
I have given gifts of fabric, the pattern and then they gave it back to me and I made them a quilt!! Yarn, needles, the pattern and IOU would work for me!

21 February, 2007 11:06  
Blogger Knit and fall back in it said...

Sorry about the head wound. I have had a cut on my scalp before. Under normal circumstances you don't realize that every single facial expression that you make, no matter how small, somehow moves your whole scalp. Ouch. And whatever you do, keep your head above your heart, don't lean over forward. That hurts like a...I don't know, something that hurts really badly.

You never cease to amaze me with all of the beautiful yarn you have. You should turn your house into a LYS, I know you are in a better neighborhood than that Fringe place I was looking for last night. In reply to the comment you left for me, I am looking for 24" circular needles, size 5. I have an 80 pound dog in my backyard that I could let you keep for collateral. He doesn't eat much. :)

I agree with you, Gretchen is far too entertaining to be blogless. You have tried begging and it hasn't worked yet, maybe we can goad her into it. Whatsa matter, Gretchen? Are you CHICKEN? Buc buc buc buc. That is supposed to be chicken noises, I don't really know how to spell barnyard sounds.

21 February, 2007 12:43  
Blogger Jo said...

Relieved to hear that the divot is ok, thrilled to see such a great haul of yarn porn, on a Wednesday, to boot!!

21 February, 2007 12:52  
Blogger Dianne said...

What gorgeous yarn you've added to your stash!! I can't wait to see your knit-ups from them.
Your divot..I can go there with you my Dear..I had some issues back last year. I called and made an appt with dermatologist..first appt open was May..that was in I had to sweat it out..I was on their cancellation list and I called occasionally for updates..nada..It was a horrific time in my life..of course suspecting the worst..being I've been and still am a sun-worshipper..went through the biopsy..sweated bullets for over a week waiting results..but all was was actinic keritosis and I still have them to 'show' their ugly faces but you better believe I've become an advocate for sunscreen..LOTS of it!! I treated mine with efudex the anti cancer treatment..but that was a grueling 2 weeks that made the spot uglier, raw and resembling uncooked hamburger..Good Luck and Happier Knitting!! I can't wait to see Dana's socks..and I will see person..on her feet!

21 February, 2007 13:55  
Anonymous angie Cox said...

Thank-goodness that thing was benign..thank-goodness for the N.H.S ( after all I said about them ). I just swooned right off my chair at all that lovely yarn .I do absolutely love the colours of the sock yarn from Florence. I'd have taken Gracie for you any time sadly it's a bit far to drop her off. I can't wait to be a Granny but then again I'd prefer Holly to be in a stable relationship . Gill tells me she can get Peace Fleece and I must ask soon as possible as I think it's a great idea .The more peace between us all the better ..obvious I guess but I love how they do work with Israel/Palestine so very needed.

21 February, 2007 14:50  
Blogger Julie said...

I'm so glad it turned out to be benign!

I am drooling over all your beautiful yarn!

21 February, 2007 17:00  
Blogger Ms. Knitingale said...

My poor divothead! But I'm loving all the yarnporn...I can't decide which is the most lucious....but that marsquake stuff is pretty special. Make something for you, YOU!!

21 February, 2007 18:36  
Blogger Eric said...

Hizzah for being in yarn heaven! Hope the hole heals hastily.

21 February, 2007 18:48  
Blogger picperfic said...

I just knew something was glad it turned out benign, you must have been worrying! I send you a big (((hug)))
I can tell you've been taking solace in all that gorgeous yarn! You lucky lady! This week is shifting a bit too fast for my liking, going to go girly shopping with my baby in about 8hours time. Think it's time for sleep...ZZZZzzzzzzz....x

21 February, 2007 18:59  
Blogger Sarah said...

Ooh so much beautiful yarn in one post - you were just softening us up for the gore later weren't you? Hope you heal well and glad it was not a real nasty. Thank you for your nice words on my tank top - you make me blush :o)

22 February, 2007 11:27  
Blogger Dianne said... know..I think if we were 'real neighbors'..I'd hang out with
You show such warmth to fellow bloggers..a good thing!!...AND I like you too..
I'm not sure about Dana..I have to email to find out..I know she's been very busy with her job..I only thought she was gone for weekend..gotta check on my 'knit trio'..My Sock Sister is under the weather..and Dana is MIA..can't have this! Happy Knitting~~

22 February, 2007 12:44  
Blogger Marianne said...

Dudes, you all are just the very best! Thank you to all re: divot, it's healing nicely. Seriously, thank you so very much!
Gretchen? birthday mulligan idea? give it up. and while you're at it? get a blog! (we need you to blog)
Peg, those are great ideas...playing around with them, well, not the quilt idea.
Angie, yes, I love Peace Fleece not only for their yarn goodness but also their philosophy behind it.
Sarah, softening you up for the gore, heh, yes. And You're welcome.
Dianne, I hope your Sock Sister starts feeling better soon and that Dana shows up!
Ms.K, yep, Mars Quake...mine.
Emma, I'll be watching you and don't forget about the attack cat that lives in the house.....
Amy, I would dearly love to own my own little lys BUT my stash isn't up for sale, so sorry.

22 February, 2007 16:32  
Blogger Ms. M said...

Oh, such fantastic yarn porn you've got there. I'm really curious about all the Peace Fleece after hearing more and more about it on the blog world. I'll be interested to know how it knits up.

22 February, 2007 17:17  
Anonymous Jason said...

Wish you could see my expression after reading about how you ended Igneousa's life. Not that I want it saved or anything. Is it really divot-like? Eek! I hope it's not causing pain. Keep hands busy, please! No whappin'!

And more B-days?!? I thought they were all done!?!?

OK, gotta go relax my face.

22 February, 2007 20:08  
Blogger Charity said...

I'm so very glad all is good, and Igneousa is gone!

Oh, Marianne, the yarn porn! You made my heart skip a beat or two, it's all so wonderful! I'd love to know more about how you like the Peace Fleece as you work with it. :0)

24 February, 2007 13:35  

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