Tuesday, February 06, 2007

"I am such an Idiot"

I'm not a football fan. at all. I meant to try and catch some of the Puppy Bowl with the Kitty Halftime...at least that's what I think happens. But didn't.

It was also International Pajama Day...but due to going to the market with my Mom on Sunday mornings...I couldn't even pull that one off, except that when I did get back home and everything washed and put away the sweats came back on and I snuggled in my chair and did some knitting. I also, once again, got to have one of those lovely moments where I get to whap my forehead and tell myself "I am such an idiot".

The socks I'm making for Dana....I finished the first one, and of course had to try it on and admire it (hey, I always bathe the handknit gifts before they're sent off) and I should've been listening closer because there were bells sounding off. Definitely. But did I 'hear' them? Hah! I started sock #2 and I'm working through the pattern, enjoying it thoroughly, then those bells got louder...wait a minute...I grabbed up sock #1 and gave it a good looking at, (you all can start shaking your head in dismay, you know, start in now so you'll be in really good form when you read 'it'). Now I've made socks using this pattern at least a dozen times, it's a favourite of mine....you are supposed to re-arrange the stitches before you start your heel in order to get the pattern to look right..did I? hell no.

The other thing that concerned me though...during the winter my hands dry out something awful. I don't use lotions or creams on my hands when I'm knitting because I don't want that 'stuff' on the yarn....but Ms.K had sent me some Knitters Little Helper, Blue Sky Alpacas,Inc puts it out and it is fabulous. The ingredients are said to not corrupt your natural fibres....so I thought great, at last something I can use...and I did....it's great...it also changed the tension on my knitting and of course improved it, I hadn't realized just how much having dry fingers would make a difference....so I was thinking I'd frog that first sock back, yes, all the way back and knit it again while using the hand stuff...taking care of both problems....Dana, I am so sorry, it will be a few more days...but you will be so much happier with your socks, trust me.

Today has been a Gracie day and this morning we made some Irish Soda Muffins, Dee has the recipe posted, they're very good, easy to make, did I mention they're really good! I did use a light sour cream, didn't sprinkle the tops with sugar...I think they're delicious. I'll be using the basic recipe and adding different dried fruits, currants, apricots, cranberries, sound good? Thank you Dee!

Angie's husband Jeff is doing very well, recovering from surgery and hopefully will get back home soon!

The Peace Fleece order arrived, this is really good stuff, beyond wonderful. I've not had a chance to take photos yet, will soon, suffice it to say this yarn gets fondled on a daily basis, several times a day, I marvel at the colours, it smells good, I put my nose in it to smell, this turns into huffing, I have to pry it away from my nose...it's that good.

Happy Knitting to all and continue to make good time!


Blogger Jo said...

Hi Marianne, oh well those socks will be fixed and knit in no time I'm sure, I'd quite like to have a go at those muffins, but what is sour cream, we have single, double, but I'm not sure what is meant by sour cream, is this something native to the US or do us Brits call it something else?By the way I mistyped brits as Bruts firts time LMAO!

06 February, 2007 13:47  
Blogger Charity said...

Oh, no! I hope the socks are re-knit quick and easy! Mmmm, those muffins sound great - I'm going to have to give them a try! (Aside: you would be amazed how many people I see shopping at Wal-mart in their pajamas. Seriously.) :0)

06 February, 2007 14:11  
Blogger hege said...

Wow, who would have thought lotion would make a difference!

06 February, 2007 14:14  
Blogger Knit and fall back in it said...

Don't you just love it when you spend several hours doing something just to do it all over again? Ugh.

06 February, 2007 14:38  
Blogger Dianne said...

Marianne, I'm sure with your skills, it will be a quick fix..and since I have met the lovely Dana personally..she won't mind a few days more...unless of course she wanted to wear them when we get together on Sun. to taunt me with 'real professional socks..'
I had a sock malady today also..took them along to the Dr. office..well, they called me back WAY too soon, I'd hardly had time to knit a row..and when I laid them back in the bag, obviously NOT very neatly..found when I got home..half a needle had crawled off and done strange stuff..so strange, I think I'll have to take to 'Sock Guru' for help..argh.but..I did start the sock knitalong and got the cuff complete..what fun to knit on a #5..for a change. Happy Knitting~~

06 February, 2007 15:10  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I couldn't technically do Pajama day because I had to work in the morning. But, it was at the gym, so I wore sweatpants and sweatshirt and brought my slippers :) That's pretty much pajamas to me.

06 February, 2007 15:55  
Blogger Sarah said...

Good luck with the reknitting, glad it's not just us beginners who have the idiot moments!

Thanks for the book advice - I'm definitley leaning towards the SKS - first anyway!

06 February, 2007 15:55  
Blogger Blue Ridge Knittery said...

HA! I have one question...what size are Bobby's feet? Why do I want to know, you ask? Because I finished your slippers and they're about 2-3 inches too long in the toe and about 2 inches too wide.

I would guess that the finished (and throughly felted) clogs are in the neighborhood of a men's size 11. I blended two fibers that I loved, but together, the slippers ran very big and felted less. That said, I've been furiously knitting a new pair for you that will fit you (I need only to put the second sole on the pair and then felt them).

Don't feel badly about the sock. I'm sure, by now, you've noticed that your mailbox has been "empty" too. LOL Please do let me know if you think the original pair will fit your MOTH; I'd be delighted to send them on with yours!

07 February, 2007 09:06  
Blogger Blue Ridge Knittery said...

Ummm.."thoroughly felted." Why are there no spell checks on Comments?

Dianne...you are my friend and I would never ever taunt you. Please note, however, that Marianne's sock will be like 'Green Eggs & Ham.'
Can you WEAR them in a
Can you WEAR them in a
Can you wear them here
or there?
Yes, Diane, I will wear

Taunt...taunt...taunt....taunt. Whoops! XOXOX

07 February, 2007 09:11  
Blogger Marianne said...

Alright girls....
Jo, I've emailed you about the sour cream, and those muffins really are good, I made the batch and instead of making 6 large ones I made 12 smaller ones and guess what? they're all gone...
Charity...in their pajamas? seriously.
Hege, yes, yarn tends to really slip quite freely through very dry fingers.
Amy, it's not bad at all, it's a very pretty pattern and I love the yarn.
Dianne, darlin' I feel for you, I am the complete klutz when it comes to putting 'freed' stitches back onto needles...a complete klutz!
Julie, sweats are pretty much jammies for me also, I tend to live in them throughout the colder months. (is there anything else?)
Dana, regarding your first comment, I've sent you an email...you are sweet as a Georgia peach. And your second comment? I'm still giggling and chuckling over here!

To All....I recommend those irish soda muffins...Jo, you might try asking other UK bloggers about the sour cream...it may just be called something else, I know it's not your single, double, clotted in that those are all sweet creams.

07 February, 2007 09:58  
Blogger Marianne said...

Mercy...I couldn't really tell you all just where that "Alright 'girls'" came from...

Alright...WOMEN, LADIES....

so sorry.
(I'm pretty sure none of us have been girls since we were what...well, quite a few years ago anyway)

07 February, 2007 11:34  
Anonymous MonicaPDX said...

Heavens, a fellow non-football fan! LOL re puppy/kitty. Sounds much more interesting to me! As for International Pajama Day - heh, that's every day for me, except when I have to go out. Well. Comfy clothes, at least. I don't actually own any pajamas. LOL.

You can imagine my sympathies on the socks. Oy, gevalt. But at least now you can re-knit them with comfortable hands. Better vibes in them, right? And drat, between you and Ms. K, now I have to make brownies. Which means defrosting some butter. Um. I'd better take it out of the freezer, hadn't I? Very cool on the stash enhancement, waiting with bated breath for pix!

07 February, 2007 21:02  
Anonymous angie Cox said...

I don't know about bruts Jo ..idiots though , we have a bit of snow and we have ground to a halt ! Thank goodness you trans atlantic folks cope better.No chance to see Jeff today so am staying warm at home.I phoned him and he just wants to sleep.

08 February, 2007 02:56  
Blogger picperfic said...

Good Morning Marianne...I couldn't sleep last night and wrote a really, I mean REALLY long comment to this blog and when I had just about finished writing it my IE crashed...so flipping annoying!! Anyway...I have taken a look at those muffins and I think I might have a go at making some! I found a description of sour cream and thought you might like to see it clicky ...I have been learning how to use HTML in my blog and in these comments, great fun and it appears to work! We have loads of snow here today, I'm just going out to take some photos in the graveyard across the road from me....there were some snowdrops in there the last time I walked by. What a shame about those socks, I've never heard of that cream before, I can't make out whether you liked to use it or not??

08 February, 2007 05:20  
Blogger Robin said...

Don't feel bad...I had to frog my Jaywalkers~it happens!
I had to watch kitty halftime...but I also watch the entire SuperBowl~~yep, I'm a sports nut!

08 February, 2007 16:04  
Blogger Ms. Knitingale said...

Yarn huffing....I'd tsk, tsk if I did't do the same thing on a regular basis. The muffins sound great....when can I come over? And I'm so sorry the socks decided to mess with you. Sometimes knitting just gets....impish. You know?

08 February, 2007 18:05  
Blogger Faerynuff said...

Hi Marianne,

Thanks for visiting my blog, everytime I read your comments I think you are my mum for a second!

How does the peace fleece feel? I've often wondered if it is tickly/itchy?

09 February, 2007 05:17  

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