Monday, June 25, 2007

Bad Blogger

I am such a bad, bad blogger.
In my defense, it has been busy.

We'll start with last Monday, which actually was fairly uneventful but I HAD just posted...and you know me....I don't think I've EVER posted two days in a row, but the 'nickel had dropped' nevertheless.
You see, Avery came back to our little neck of the woods, he had appointments to make and he rode the bus from Hampton, Virginia to Tulsa and arrived at 4am, yep, 4am. He called, I got up and drove downtown and picked him up, I actually did go back to bed thinking I'd get a bit more sleep but it didn't happen, I just got up, that was 5am. Midday I took Avery for his appointments, got back home, we changed into our 'crap' clothes and went over to Mom's to mow her yard, came back here and mowed and trimmed this yard (isn't that what you get to do...put them to work when they come home?)...Avery is such a sweet guy, no kidding, no moaning or groaning, just got to it.
Afterward we got cleaned up, here he is, my 2nd born bouncing baby boy, all grown up...
I've got to tell you, Dana and Dianne, (they threatened to kidnap Avery and hold him ransom so I'd have to go out there and 'rescue' him) he was just a little sorry the kidnapping caper didn't get pulled off, he does enjoy good food and you should've seen his eyes light up at 'handknit socks', he does love his handknit socks!
Bobby got home from work and we all visited for a bit but Avery was wanting to get out to Okmulgee, see his dogfaced boy...see what was they took off, they stopped somewhere for some dinner together, good times being made.

Which brings us to SIL had a medical procedure and needed someone with her, you know, she got the good drugs to see her through the ordeal and was therefore too loopy to be able to drive...we're talking 4.5 hours though...I did take a bit of knitting with me (as I had on Tuesday also) of course it was just fine...'re probably wondering...that was only 4.5 hours, what about the rest of those hours in the day? Heh, I'm wondering about all those hours too. Except that going back to Monday morning, I woke up with a horrible sore throat, and a bit of sneezing...but just thought 'allergies''ll hear more about this in a bit.

Thursday was a Conor and Gracie day, we pretty much just hung around here, it may have even rained, pretty good chance in that we've been getting quite a bit of rain for several weeks now. (I know, I'm blathering)'s raining now, as I type...I'm beginning to think the good people of Washington and Oregon have sent their weather here..if so..THANK YOU.

Seriously, I love the rain and we're lucky, we haven't had any flooding. We've had drought conditions for years so this rain just has to be healing for the trees and plants. Did you know that Tulsa is part of an area of Oklahoma that's called 'Green Country'? Yep.

Have we gotten to Friday yet? Almost.
What you all don't know is that Bobby and I have been looking for a new home, we've been looking for a couple of years but we kept waiting, listening to news reports about how it would get better for home buyers and all that. Well, it may be true for the rest of the country but NOT in Tulsa. In fact, there are plenty of folks moving here from all over the place, moving here! WTF?
But they are, and they're snapping up homes like you wouldn't believe. We also have had our 'comfort zone' as far as area that we would even consider wanting to live in, most folks do. We have criteria.... We've had a realtor emailing me listings meeting this 'criteria' plus we'd go out driving around in our 'chosen' areas, plus I'd go out some mornings driving around, looking for signs, writing down addresses...not my idea of a good time.
Thursday evening we got an email with a listing, we looked at the photo of the house, looked at the other photos they whacked in there..(a few interior shots)...we liked it. BUT. Yep, the big BUT, it was 1.5 miles East and .5 miles south out of our comfort zone..but we decided to look at it anyway. We called the lady asking for a time to get in (people living in it) and set it up for Friday morning. Of course, in the meantime we decided to drive by and see it, at least from the street.

We really like it. You need to understand we have looked at hundreds...yes...and this is the second one we've liked, we're very picky in our own ways...
It went on the market on Wednesday, they got an offer on it Thursday (which fell through), we wanted back in to see it again at which point we found out they had 2 more offers on the we also tossed one into the mix... (we really do like this house).....yesterday afternoon we got the call saying ours was accepted. Did you hear that 'sound'? Certainly not a nickel dropping this time, that was the sound of something much larger but yes, the fun and games have begun. Inspections are scheduled for tomorrow. YIKES.

Our Master Plan has been to find a home, and then move my Mom into this house, which will suit her perfectly, all on one level, appliances that she doesn't currently have, utility room in the house, easier for her to manage...and if/when she ever gets to that 'point', you know the one, we'll have room for her to stay with us.
I'm really glad she's going to be living here because these are old stomping grounds, I love this little house, and the convenient area...I do. I'll be over here quite a bit, mowing the yard, doing the cleaning she's not able to do...and hanging out.
I call this the best of both worlds.

Knitting? Mostly stress-busting little projects, washcloths (2 of which went to Rabbitch for shelters, and 2 of which went to Barb as part of a midwife project, this will take you to Rabbitch's post about both projects, it's a long post but you'll find the projects I'm referring to) and 3 blankie squares for the Greensburg Project, I've already posted these off, no photos, partly due to the fact that it wasn't allergies after all, a nasty cold that's been kicking ass... sorry. Thank you to everyone who went from my blog to hers and joined in with the blankie knitting, you are some truly wonderful people, you know who you are..thank you thank you thank you!

I'll do my best to keep everyone posted, I'll try harder, I will... mostly at the moment though, I'm torn between giddy and throwing up. You know?

Happy knitting to all, and continue to make.good.time.


Blogger Charity said...

Oh my goodness, Marianne, such excitement! Blessings on all the proceedings!

Sounds like you've had a little bit of knitting time, don't you find it harder to have knitting time once the weather gets nice? :0)

25 June, 2007 18:10  
Blogger Nikki said...

Ok wow. Um... where to start... I've got my fingers cross for the right thing to happen with your house. It's very pretty!

If I'dve know Dana and Dianne's plan I may have gotten in on it :)

yeah for all of your "stress" knitting! You inspire me to do more charity knitting. :)

I hope you feel better from your nasty cold soon! and don't think you're a bad blogger. Life happens! :)

25 June, 2007 18:12  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

OMG. Avery looks a lot like Moonbeam. wow. Anyway - the house is so very nice. Enjoy the ride, and if I can say anything about it all, I would tell you to plan for the unexpected. Just sayin'. Good for you guys!!!!

25 June, 2007 19:51  
Blogger Knit and fall back in it said...

Avery is quite a handsome guy, hmmm...I have a single daughter...

Love the house, it reminds me a little of my parents house. Well, you've seen it.

I hope you are feeling better soon. Summer colds are the worst. You can understand feeling like that in the winter, but a cold in the summer, well, it just doesn't make any sense.

25 June, 2007 20:52  
Blogger Peg-woolinmysoup said...

Wow! That is exciting. I have moved 23 times in my life, so moving can be a lot of fun - a lot of work, but a lot of fun! Let the fun times begin!

25 June, 2007 20:55  
Blogger Faren said...

Great news! Finding a new home is always exciting and exhausting. It looks very pretty.

25 June, 2007 21:49  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Whoo hon, what a week! Lovely to have Avery there. (Hi, Avery! ::waves:: I'm one of your Mom's crazy new friends, hee.) But oh man, that cold. knit's right; summer colds are the worst. House, though... House is gorgeous. House is good. Luck, luck, luck on it passing inspection and everything going smoothly and you two getting it firmly in gear. Meanwhile, hope you get better quick.

Ahh, rain... Glad you're getting some. We've been having it off and on the last week or so; with luck, you'll be getting more from us, glad to share. I'm enjoying it, it's nice to have a 'normal' June up here! (99 degrees ain't supposed to appear until late July, stoopid global warming. And in case bloglines is still screwing you? I made another post this morning... [g]) Major hugs!

25 June, 2007 23:40  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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25 June, 2007 23:42  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My goodness you have been busy ! I love that house and I hope all goes well. I keep thinking I've got another cold but now think it's allergies .
O.M.G I just saw Peg's post , all that packing ! My Mum moved about ten and that was amazing I thought .I'd love a bungalow ( is that what you call them ? ) as I hate stairs .Well my busy bee , I'll keep checking on how you are .

26 June, 2007 02:10  
Blogger picperfic said...

woh! I'm exhausted and I've only rad what you did! I love Avery, he reminds me so much of my second born Edward...he's a big softee! All 6'4" of him! You are not a bad blogger! You are an excellent blogger! I am soo excited for you in getting your offer accepted. The new house looks so pretty and two!! garages, how posh! Sorry to hear you are under the weather M, you need some of my homemade Elderflower Cordial diluted with hot water. Elderflowers are excellent for stuffed up sinuses! I think I am in danger of using too many dots......and exclamation marks!!! I do love puntuation! heheh

26 June, 2007 05:33  
Blogger Sarah said...

Well I suppose I'll let you off on the not blogging front as you have made a good case!

Sending good luck vibes for the house buying - don't know how your system works but it never seems to be easy. Such a nice idea that your Mum will have your old place.

My new yarn just arrived so I will put up some photos for you later, glad to be of service :)

26 June, 2007 06:28  
Blogger Dianne said...

We can still kidnap Avery..just from Tulsa..and then visit your new home..which is awesome!..Good find!!..since you didn't take my advice and watch the obits!!lol
Hope you're feeling better Sweetie..those summer colds mixed with allergies are most disagreeable..hugs and happy knitting!!!

26 June, 2007 07:16  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your new house is beautiful with all those huge trees!

Best wishes on getting through all the "paperwork" and stuff you have to do prior to owning.

26 June, 2007 07:28  
Blogger Eric & Tony said...

Congrats on the house!

26 June, 2007 09:10  
Blogger Kitty Mommy said...

Best wishes on the new house, but the best I can come up with regard to moving is "Ick!" ;o)

So the little ones will eventually get big enough to be useful and not just run mama ragged! So glad to hear it. Of course, I know it will happen all too fast, but there are days...

26 June, 2007 11:21  
Blogger Fiberjoy said...

Mmm, too bad you can immediately access some of picperfic's elderberry cordial!

A whirlwind of a week with a cold to boot, no wonder you didn't get around to blogging. If it makes you feel any better, you've made me feel less guilty. :-)

The new house is charming! Love the trees practically hugging it. May everything involved with it proceed smoothly.

26 June, 2007 12:28  
Blogger Sarah said...

Missed the light for photos of yummy yarns today - hopefully get some to do them justice tomorrow.

26 June, 2007 16:59  
Blogger Joanna said...

Hands off Gretch...Avery is mine...all mine (ha ha ha ha ha -evil laugh) Dearest Marianne, what a busy post...I'm so thrilled about the house it looks lovely and as always still finding time for all your fabulous charity knitting, you are an angel, but we all know it, not in disguise! xxx

27 June, 2007 02:11  
Blogger Joanna said...

P.s, no your not a bad blogger, silly moo! Your a brilliant blogger and we all love your posts, whether frequent or infrequent!

27 June, 2007 02:13  
Blogger Dana said...

I'm behind, as usual, but with that in mind, how did the inspection go? Congratulations on finding the house too; that's great news and it sounds like a wonderful situation/arrangement for everyone. However, your mother's "back forty" might miss you. ;)

Avery's photo is great; he looks like such a sweet & gentle soul (much like his mama). By all means, let us know what happens. Any prospective closing dates yet?

27 June, 2007 15:21  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm exhausted just reading this! And here I thought I was busy.

The house is lovely; I'll be keeping my fingers crossed that all the inspections go well. Sounds like a great plan you have for yourselves and your mother.

I'm off to read Rabbitch now; haven't been keeping up very well on the blog reading lately! Thanks for the heads up; I like to help where I can :)

28 June, 2007 08:54  
Blogger nonizamboni said...

I'm so excited for you on many levels. The new house looks lovely and those trees! And Avery, what a cutie! (we lived in Newport News for a time).
Hope you're on the mend. Take good care.

28 June, 2007 13:54  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow. isn't it amazing how quickly things go when thengs get rolling!

29 June, 2007 09:50  
Blogger Emma said...

Ooh, Marianne, the house looks lovely, despite being outside the comfort zone. I have to admit I will miss having you just around the corner though!

30 June, 2007 11:14  
Blogger Knit and fall back in it said...

Thanks, btw, for the card. It meant a lot.

30 June, 2007 19:05  
Blogger Jo at Celtic Memory Yarns said...

Really really good wishes for the house move and your Mom move and everything. Will send strong positive vibes from West Cork to Tulsa so that nothing goes awry along the way. Just don't forget to keep the kettle/keg where you can find it easily... first rule of house moving.

01 July, 2007 14:07  

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