Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Wow....it's not been a week? Hey...it won't let me put a 'title' in now....what's with that I wonder....well, that's alright, we don't need no stinkin' title anyway...

I wanted you to see Ray and Chris though, these two have been close friends of mine...well, forever. Chris and I have had businesses together, raised 3 children each around each other, we were pregnant with our last children together (we even breast-fed them both)....Ray and I have had so many laughs, cooked meals, we've even made a bit of music together, that was back when I had a piano living with me, he plays guitar and we played and sang some Leonard Cohen tunes...we've made good times. I should add here, Ray is a musician/songwriter/singer extraordinaire....he does have a website and I'd put a link here but he asked that I wait...when he's ready you can trust me to include it in my sidebar. He loves handknit socks. (who doesn't?) He pretty much considers them sacred. He now has two pair but then he saw the felted clogs that Dana made me, now he wants some of those, heh.
Ray, socks, Peacock Blue guitar strings, cream puffs and a dish of cherries.

I made a creamy salsa chicken enchilada casserole, had black beans and lime slices...(kept it simple).. and the cream puffs. Chris licking her plate, I couldn't resist.

Ray couldn't get over how 'pretty' the puffs were.

I showed him the recipe, he'll probably make them one of these days.Then we all kicked back and watched 'V for Vendetta' which is a favourite film of his.

The candy-assed inspectors did manage to crawl under the new place yesterday, there are a few minor issues that will be addressed and tended to, either by them or us...we'd rather the price come down and take care of it ourselves...Bobby's a bit particular (such an understatement) about how things are repaired....but it looks like everything will be going forward.

There's been some goodies lately,

a few weeks ago Bobby had to go to DC, business, and he called me, middle of the day..he was in a yarn store! Stitch DC as a matter of fact, asking me what I'd like...you'd think it would be easy but it wasn't...anyway, the sock yarn there (Scarlett Fleece...gorgeous yarn!) and then he saw that red lace weight and he couldn't leave the store without it...he's got a thing for red on me...this yarn is incredibly soft and the colour is such an outstanding red. I'm definitely seeing red lacey shawl!

Angie sent me the book, about Queen Henrietta Maria married to Charles I of England...I have read the first little chapter but I need to finish '1632' first, nearly there, and I'm very much looking forward to reading about Angie's beloved Queen...Thank you so much Angie!

LOOK! Socks! for me!

Some of you folks have probably already seen these socks...over at Ms.K's...bless her. In a recent email she asked how big my feet were and had made some comment that with all my charity knitting and holiday knitting for others that perhaps the only way I was getting socks for myself....and I had forgotten all about it...when I checked the mail yesterday I found this little package and saw who sent it...I love these socks beyond all reason and there's a list a few miles long of reasons...so...(as she put it) not only are we soul sisters but sole sisters also...they fit her perfectly..they fit me perfectly...the colours are beautiful, the knitting is gorgeous, and I love the scallop at the top...


Flowers? Would you care to see some flowers?

Happy Knitting to all and continue making good times.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I had that same problem with the title thing. Click on the word title and your cursor should move into the title space.

The socks and the flowers are beautiful. I love the purple flowers in the first picture.

10 July, 2007 07:16  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did someone say cream puffs? I LOVE cream puffs! Hmmm, if I didn't just decide I need to control my eating before I have to buy ANOTHER size bigger, I'd go home and make some tonight.

How sweet of Ms. K to make you some socks; what a great sole sister she is :)

10 July, 2007 08:00  
Blogger Peg-woolinmysoup said...

Leonard Cohen - a fellow Canadian! I love his music and his 'velvety but husky' voice! I took forever to master cream puffs, but the first one that worked was the size of a baby's head - a pint of whipping cream and some folded in fresh fruit and we had a dessert for a family of four!!
Glad things seem to be moving along on the house.
Isn't Ms. K just the best?

10 July, 2007 09:20  
Blogger Saisquoi said...

Lovely socks. The color and pattern are simply divine. Lucky you!!

10 July, 2007 09:32  
Anonymous marti said...

hehe...i saw those socks being made and knew they were on their way to you! so glad they made it safe and sound.

10 July, 2007 09:37  
Blogger Charity said...

Mmmmm, cream puffs! Yum, yum!

Ms. K is wonderful to think of you for the socks - what a great gift, and they look so comfy on your feet. :0)

10 July, 2007 09:42  
Blogger Kit said...

Mmmm...cream puffs. You just can't go wrong with cream puffs. And I lick the plate, too.

Woo, awesome socks, those look really cozy! And the colors are amazing!

10 July, 2007 10:03  
Blogger Dana said...

You've had some good treats lately and I'm glad for you! Your friends sound wonderful ("nice visit treat"), Ms. K's socks ("feet & eye treat"), and no-particular-occasion presents (Bobby & Angie). See? That just goes to show how special you are to everyone. :)

P.S. I still have those extra slippers/clogs. What size are Ray's feet?

10 July, 2007 12:20  
Blogger Dianne said...

I love Leonard Cohen..I may be one of the few Americans that owns his music..that voice just sucks me right in..Gorgeous socks..how sweet of your SoleSister.. The yarn from Bobby..makes his travels ok ..but next time he's that close to Va..you better come along..AND your flowers are just sooo pretty..glad all the house stuff is going to be ok...incredibly happy for you..hugs

10 July, 2007 13:34  
Blogger Kelly said...

Ooh, pretty gift socks! I look forward to seeing what the red laceweight will become.... (lace obsessed? Who, me?!)

10 July, 2007 14:34  
Blogger Faren said...

Such a happy post filled with good stuff! Glad you got to visit with such good friends, and got some great gifts! Those cream puffs are making me hungry!

10 July, 2007 15:02  
Blogger Knit and fall back in it said...

Inspectors, actually inspecting something...wow...what a concept. There's another of those smart-alec comments that I always want to make. Very pretty socks.

I have made several pair of those felted clogs and might consider making another pair for some of those cream puffs. Think about it, it could happen.

10 July, 2007 15:31  
Blogger Nikki said...

very beautiful (all of it! every thing... ) all the socks the flowers, the fun times being had by friends...

and if you're making cream puffs I'm coming to visit :)

10 July, 2007 18:39  
Blogger Ms. Knitingale said...

And they look so wonderful on your feet! You can't imagine how much pleasure it gives me to know that you're enjoying them. Now, if you can just send me your talent with flowers.....= )

10 July, 2007 20:48  
Anonymous MonicaPDX said...

Sounds like a great time was had by you all - hi Ray! hi Chris! LOL on the pix. (And I have mini-cream puffs right now... store bought, but like I'm gonna bake in this weather? Hell no. Not as good as home-made, though.) And the socks! Hurray, Flo! Gorgeous work, and they look equally gorgeous on you. What a good sis! (But we knew that.) And Bobby's a very good hubby, too; one who brings home yarn, now that's just perfect. Angie is golden, too. New books, always a good choice! (I repeat, I'm geeked about you reading 1632! LOL. If you like it, I can give you a complete list of what's published in that series by now. Not all mine are paper; I've got e-copies of most, although I want to get 'em in real book form, too.)

Thanks much for the flower photos. They're all lovely, and it makes me feel cooler just looking at them. Ok, so it's almost 5 a.m. and it is cooler, but looking at them does make me feel even cooler. ;)

11 July, 2007 07:00  
Blogger nonizamboni said...

What a gorgeous post! Loved seeing your friends, food and flowers -- how's that for aliteration?
I've been a Leonard Cohen fan too and then there's my theme song So Long, Marianne eh?
Nice gifts, you so deserve.

11 July, 2007 09:29  
Anonymous angie Cox said...

What a lovely couple...oh Leonard Cohen ..just adore him. I love those socks and what fantastic socks.

11 July, 2007 12:03  
Anonymous angie Cox said...

"Flowers" not socks twice !!!

11 July, 2007 12:04  
Blogger Jo said...

We love V for Vendetta...so does Neo, great socks, you give blue socks you recieve blue socks...great gifts all around, lovely flowers too xxx

11 July, 2007 14:47  
Blogger picperfic said...

I kind of like the title 'Untitled'...
Your food looks delicious and love the photo of the plate licking, that shows they are truly at home in your company! You are a quiet one, you can cook too! You've had some good treats too, lovely Bobby getting you that red lace yarn, he's a star! And so nice to see your feet looking so beautifully happy in those gorgeous socks from Mrs K, she's a honey isn't she? Beautiful flowers! xx

12 July, 2007 02:48  
Anonymous pat said...

What a wonderful friend - and beautiful socks!!

13 July, 2007 11:13  
Blogger Faerynuff said...

Hi Marianne,
Can you tell me the name of the first pink flowers in this post? I saw them in somebodies garden once and have been looking for them ever since!

14 July, 2007 05:14  
Blogger Sarah said...

Oh I wish we could have a dinner together it would be so much fun and I like the look of those cream puffs.

Pretty socks, what a lovely treat.

15 July, 2007 02:48  

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