Friday, April 20, 2007

What a week, eh?

It feels like forever since I last posted and there's been quite a lot that's taken place in this little neck of the woods. Plenty of 'events' that have taken the time and energy in thoughts and deeds leaving very little to sit down and make post.

We, in Oklahoma, did manage to dodge the weather bullet, what with tornadoes in Texas and snow in Kansas, we managed to get quite a bit rain and chilly temps and believe me, we're quite happy with it. It did, however, negate working on the 'jungle back 40', which is a double-edged sword, you know? It's just getting wilder back there by the day. oh well.

Albert Dorland Harris.........October 8, 1922 - April 13, 2007.

My Uncle Albert, my Mom's oldest brother, just the sweetest natured guy, twinkles in his oh so very blue eyes, ornery, was/is very adept at making.good.times. Uncle Albert walking this earth is greatly missed, and I wish him well on his continuing journey with great love and affection. There's this little story about Albert and my Mom, he's (I have a hard time with 'past-tense',ok?) 10 years older and there were 6 kids in that family, they tended to take care and look out for each other, (my Grandmother being a great mother, had her hands really full with taking care of her family, the cooking and cleaning, but also feeding the farm workers)(it would help you enormously in reading this if you're ADD) ok, back to the little of the things he did was roll my Mom's hair in rags every night, then take them out and comb her curls in the mornings.... and seriously, can you imagine? I love that little story, it speaks volumes to me.

He would never tell people what his middle name was, in fact he'd lie about it, tell them some other name starting with a 'D'....this tickles me.

I love Norma's Cupcake hat, I've been knitting some up for the Dulaan box. I love this hat so much... it even looks good on me, it's a miracle. I'll be making myself one at some point before next winter. She has a pdf for the Cupcake recipe in her sidebar.


That other hat, lined with micro-fleece, is a slip-stitch that I was really just playing around with, the patterning didn't come out perfect but I still love it. I'm quite certain it will help keep someone warmer in Mongolia.

That sock? Not a Magic 28, (yes, go check out the link) rather a Magic 32 and here on Gracie (she's a good sized 4 year old) just a tiny bit long in the toe, a very tiny bit. I need to finish its mate soon. (these socks are destined for the Dulaan box)

I do have one sock finished that's a Magic 28 and hope to finish its mate today.

Now, feast your eyes.

Shetland Shawl design by Evelyn Clark, knit with Sundara Silky Aran DK, colour is Burgundy over Terra Cotta.

This is, without a doubt, the most beautiful hand-knit gift I have ever received, in fact, it's the most beautiful hand-knit I have. It's beyond beautiful. It's so soft and lovely, and it feels so wonderful to have draped across the shoulders, I nearly shed tears for mercy (actually, I did get just a little weepy).

and see this?

I can't take a decent photo of this, I need to ask FSF Jo how she does it, her photos of her hand-spun are incredible.

These two items came to me on Saturday, just when a warm hug was needed most.....from Gretchen. yep. Gretchen knit this shawl for me (I'm thinking that she's thinking this is the only way I'll get a hand-knit shawl)(she could be right on this one) AND she spun this yarn...I love this yarn, it's so very soft and the colours...sigh....soft sunshine yellow with soft spring grass green and blues, those blues you see in the morning glory flowers...the blues of a flax flower, the blues of the chicory flower, and the borage flowers....heavenly blues.

Approximately 200yds Merino superwash, fibre from Spunky Eclectic, "Dandy Lion", tried finding a dandelion in the yarn, this was the only one I could find, huh? what gives? looks like the last bunch have already gone to seed and this one hasn't opened up very much...

Gretchen, THANK YOU so very much, you already know how much these mean to me and how touched I am. Your hand-work is amazing and so very inspiring!

That's it for today, I should be back tomorrow... another family birthday tribute...yep.

Happy Knitting to All and continue to make.good.time.


Blogger Norma said...

Look at you GO, woman!!! Fabulous, fabulous. I'm so glad you like the hat pattern. I'm the same way -- "it looks good on me! What's wrong with this picture?!" Heh.

Yay for the socks, and thanks so much for the sizing questions answered. Awesome.

20 April, 2007 09:40  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My sympathies on the passing of your Uncle Albert. He seems like quite a guy!

Beautiful knits. The shawl is gorgeous!

20 April, 2007 09:49  
Anonymous angie Cox said...

Dear Uncle Albert , he sounds so kind and sweet .I am wondering what his name was. My Mum's favourite brother was named James ,hated it and I only heard about him as Bert . The gifts from Gretchen are lovely .I hope you get some good weather , we hope for some really bad or the neighbours will all be barbecuing and in such a small area it makes the house smell of fuel and cheap meat .

20 April, 2007 11:40  
Blogger picperfic said...

it's been beautiful weather here, no I'm not smug, but it is nice to look out and be out in the sunshine however there is a drawback, water shortages, we're meant to be having April showers and we have had none! Oh boy, the gardening! I really feel for you, hope you get some help to sort them out. Poor you, losing an uncle with such a wonderful name, he sounds gorgeous (I have trouble with past tense too see?)...what a beautiful story about the curls, makes me feel sad for some reason.
You have been knitterly busy, and all for a good cause, you lovely lady!

Gracie models the sock well, the pattern looks quick and fun, I'm into dishcloths right now, don't stop me!

Oh wow, your new shawl, what a special gift to have received, good old Gretchen! And that yarn, do you spin? I want to spin, I will one day when I stop my life from spinning!

Keep blogging, I wonder whose birthday it is tomorrow?

20 April, 2007 11:56  
Blogger Jo said...

Its a beauty that shawl, it's a great gift Gretch, and handspun yarn too, you are a lucky girl, but deservedly so, for all that you do and all that you are...always thoughtful and giving xxx

20 April, 2007 13:14  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

First, let me say I'm sorry to hear of your loss. Uncle Albert sounds like he was a wonderful man.

Now, HOLY CRAP, WOMAN! You have been busy. Look at all your cupcakes; you've got just about every flavor :)

What a gorgeous shawl Gretchen knit for you. What a very nice thing for her to do.

20 April, 2007 13:22  
Blogger Dana said...

My condolences on your Uncle Albert. He sounds wonderful and your blog was a great tribute to him.

The knitting, as always, is fabulous and your Dulaan projects are so pretty (great colors!). I'll definitely get that cupcake pattern. Gracie looked adorable in her single Magic sock too. LOL

20 April, 2007 14:02  
Blogger sweetfigs said...

Sorry to hear about your Uncle Albert.

You've been busy with the knitting needles. That slip stitch hat really caught my eye. You should write up a pattern!

20 April, 2007 14:29  
Blogger picperfic said...

sorry if I confused you over that yummy yarn, I did realise that the talented Gretchen had spun it for you, I just wondered if you had tried spinning at all?

I am feeling much better, my head is still a bit foggy and I can only hear properly out of one ear but I am improving! Barry got me some pro biotic yogurt drinks but will they counteract the anti biotocs? pro and anti biotics, never realised it before! lol

20 April, 2007 15:10  
Blogger Dianne said...

My condolences for your Uncle Albert..I love the story..sounds as if they were very close and am sure he will be greatly missed..A very nice story!
Your socks..are as always divine..the 'Cupcakes..are too pretty!!..and what a nice project that is..
The Shawl is just the prettiest..
A gorgeous piece of work!!! The timing was perfect too...isn't it amazing that someone always seems to know when..a little extra is needed?..Happy Knitting and huge hugs~~

20 April, 2007 16:35  
Blogger Eric said...

Wow! Gretchen went above and way beyond. The Shetland is a amazing!

20 April, 2007 18:21  
Blogger Knit and fall back in it said...

Gretchen has outdone herself, absolutely beautiful shawl and it couldn't have come at a better time. I feel so for your mom, I know she will miss her big brother. My thoughts and prayers are with your family.

20 April, 2007 20:11  
Anonymous MonicaPDX said...

So sorry about Uncle Albert, Marianne; no wonder we've missed you. ::hugs:: But as others have said, what you wrote about him is a wonderful tribute.

Gretchen should be put in charge of something like the Bureau of Perfect Timing. Both shawl and yarn are gorgeous; great work Gretchen! Gracie makes a lovely sock model - so cute! (Her and the sock. [g]) Good luck with that back 40 when you can get to it. Just remember not to try and do it all at once! Hmm; maybe you could borrow a goat?? Preferably an Angora; getting some mohair would be a nice side benefit. ;)

21 April, 2007 00:35  
Blogger Charity said...

Marianne, I'm so sorry about your Uncle, my thoughts are with you.

What a beautiful shawl, and lovely yarn! :0)

23 April, 2007 10:11  
Blogger Kate A. said...

I love the pointy-topped hats! Could this be the only kind of knitted hat that would look good on me? I think I may have to try it one of these days...(after all, there's peacefleece burning a hole in my closet...)

30 April, 2007 18:22  

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