Monday, April 02, 2007

A bit of spare time, anyone?

Does anyone out there have a bit of spare time, and a bit of yarn to contribute to a good cause? Really, just an 8" square, worsted weight (the only real requirements are the 8" square, worsted weight and soft yarn).

If so, please, go here....and read. Think about it. Then perhaps you'd care to join us? Just give Julie the heads up in her comments, she'll take it from there.

Thank you to all who feel moved to help out.

We've been busy here, and now that the rains have passed for a few days.....I have lots of yard work to keep me busy this week. Our yard and my Mom's...hers is huge...with leaves...and very high grass....

I'll get back here ASAP.

Happy Knitting to all, and continue to make.good.time.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yard work; who'd have ever thought I'd wish I could be doing yard work. By the time I can get out in the yard to work, I won't want to :)

Thanks for mentioning the squares for Betty, this is going to be such a special blanket!

02 April, 2007 08:30  
Blogger Knit and fall back in it said...

I'll be thinking of you and your yardwork when I am out doing mine. This nice weather is really throwing a kink into my knitting schedule.

02 April, 2007 18:35  
Blogger Ms. Knitingale said...

I'm feeling your pain on those leaves, Darlin', you know I am. I'm thinking lots of love and muscle healing your way!

03 April, 2007 09:09  
Blogger picperfic said...

you know what amazes me the most about you? No?....well it's you amazing ability to keep giving a little bit more of you to the next person, you're simply magic Marianne! Poor you and all that sweeping....

03 April, 2007 10:10  
Blogger Jo said...

I escaped my yard work today, K cut the grass last night, and its my job to go and rake it all up, except we had high winds last night and there are none left to rake, sending the wind to work its magic!

03 April, 2007 10:56  
Blogger Charity said...

Fortunately, it's not warm enough here yet for yard work, so I'm sure I could find time for a square... what kind of yarn are you using? :0)

03 April, 2007 12:08  
Anonymous angie Cox said...

Get some really good bath soak Marianne , you'll need it .

03 April, 2007 12:32  
Blogger Dana said...

Mowing and raking are the pits, but planting flowers is a joy! (I'm a "window box" gardener for the first time in my life as of two weeks ago).

Thank you for the link to Noolie's; that's a really wonderful weekend project and it's great of you to share the opportunity to help. XOXOX

04 April, 2007 09:42  
Anonymous Jason said...

Eeeew! Yard work!

I signed up to do a square. :-)

05 April, 2007 18:33  
Blogger Sarah said...

Hope that yard work is coming along well - have some planned for tomorrow myself - first cut of the year for the lawn!

Good work on the squares, a lovely idea.

07 April, 2007 13:56  

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