Friday, November 03, 2006

Holy Crapola!

Yay, yesterday's mail brought the new Interweave, happy dance, sat myself right down in the Queen's easy knitting chair to enjoy.....and I did.....and then saw some socks. The Cowgirl Slipper Socks. OK, cute little ankle socks....and then I saw it...they're made with Buffalo Gold 4-ply Artisan Worsted Weight 100% buffalo. SHEESH. I am well aware of just how expensive Buffalo yarn is, but not this particular breed, so....went online to find out. The pattern calls for 2 skeins, keep that in mind people, 2 skeins. Buffalo Gold 4-ply Artisan Worsted Weight comes in a skein of 120yds for $60.00, (that's one skein) so yeah, YOU connect the dots. Now, here in Oklahoma we do have a place that cranks out buffalo fibre and yarn also, so I checked their on-line store...their skein is 118 yds for $48.00 (this is also the worsted weight), which means you can breathe again, but not too much, mind you. Heavens!

I know this stuff is amazing, and really, anyone who is able to have this in their stash I consider to be part of the chosen few......because....well, when you hold the skeined yarn in your hands (I have) you think....ok, what's the big deal....but then they always have THE SWATCH that's been knit and washed and impossibly soft and I don't know about you but I just wanted to cry. Real tears.
Then I got to truly is priced right up there with cashmere, but you know, as soft as cashmere is...I don't think it's terribly 'strong', and so I was wondering about the buffalo, well, on the site in OK, they do claim that it's very strong.....but for socks? How heavenly would those feel anyway? BIG TIME.

So, any of you folks out there that do make some of these 'slippers' I want to hear about it, ok?

In knitting news.....I have made a bit of progress, and please keep in mind that on top of what I'm going to show you.....I did knit the Pirate hat (remember?) and also the long Fetching that I sent to Jo, so I've actually been busier than it looks, and I have been diligent...just not as fast as Emma, yeah, she's amazingly fast with those socks.

Here's an overall view.....

Oooohhhh, see those pretty blue Fetching? That is CASHMERE, yep, now you may be wondering how on earth a woman such as I can be able to knit with CASHMERE....I'll tell you how.
Sarah's Yarns, that's how. Yes, every time I hold this stuff in my hands I am dancing, it's more than a happy dance. I love Sarah. It's unconditional. Only because of Sarah am I able to knit with this impossibly soft yarn,

I will warn you right now, the socks you will be viewing...the pattern is the same (with a couple of exceptions) Pretty Petals, it's a fun pattern, and let's face it, it's pretty!
These are made with KnitPicks Gloss, it's a wool/silk, very nice, soft, and lovely to knit with.

These are made with a wool/alpaca blend, very soft and warm, they'll be staying closer to home and therefore a warmer sock.

You've already seen these, they were in the photo with the very large felted green market bag that ran away to Boston, I've been promised photos of said bag taking on the town but haven't received them yet.

These are made with Bliss Baby cashmerino, and get this, they're not even on the holiday list, nope, my mother, bless her heart, has a friend who's birthday is coming up and she asked me so sweetly if I'd knit up some socks...yep, that's how much I love my Mom.

These are the Father and Son socks from Interweave Fall issue, a very nice sock, I've made them with the pattern on the leg part only,,,,more to do with health issues than anything, but I think the person these were made for won't mind at all.

Doesn't seem like much, does it..but seriously, I have been knitting...a lot....

Has everyone 'met' the beautiful Ms. Faith? You should. Wanda, I keep going back and looking at her and sending her sweet, tender welcomes.
Jo has some really beautiful photos up, nature photos, you really should go and check them out, not to mention getting to see that happy child of hers.

I also signed up to be part of the Dulaan Brigade, actually she's hosting but there's a button to click on and get the information...I found out about this too late last year and promised myself I would get involved this year, will start on that after the holidays (actually, by golly, I am going to make myself some of those felted clogs as soon as I've finished the holiday knitting) well, er, I'll get started on the Dulaan knitting in.......February....yeah! Honestly.

Today is breadbakingday, and yes, it smells good in here, it's been a bit distracting and it's ready to pop in the oven for the actual baking.

Good Knitting to all, and continue to make.good.time.


Blogger Glenna C said...

Gorgeous! the socks and gloves look so beautiful I want to reach through the screen and put them on.

03 November, 2006 23:28  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love those socks for your mother ,the colour is lovely and they are so pretty.I guess Buffalos are not common enough .If thier fleece is really good it might be being used as a fur.I wonder if Indian ( as in Asia) Water Buffalo have nice fleece .I guess it wouldn't be a patch on the stuff N.A ones need to keep warm. I start wondering what other animals on the planet we could shear ...pity silk moths are so small. I liked the Camel hair I once bought. I love angora too but the guys are a tad small .Have a happy knitting weeekend.

04 November, 2006 01:56  
Blogger Charity said...

Mmmm, bread baking is my most favourite smell in the whole world! I used to make all our bread, but I've been so busy I've let it fall by the wayside. Ms. Faith is really amazing, isn't she - those toes!

The socks and Fetchings are all lovely! I'm glad to hear how you like KP Gloss... I wasn't sure about it, if it would be as nice as it sounds. And I've been wanting to make some Father and Son socks, yours are great! :0)

04 November, 2006 10:52  
Blogger Hege said...

Great work with all the socks! Very impressive. I especially like that the leg is patterned and the foot is not. And the wristwarmers! So how many 48 dollar skeins to make a pair of buffalo socks? Two, three, four? :)

04 November, 2006 14:29  
Blogger Ms. Knitingale said...

Oh, my--you HAVE been busy! Marianne, I simply can't believe how beautifully you knit. The fetchings the mouth is watering. I was glad I was sitting down when I saw the price tag on the buffalo wool, though. I might have needed to be revived. $80??? I'd have to really, really love those socks!

04 November, 2006 16:48  
Blogger Emma said...

Ooh, such pretty blue CASHMERE Fetchings! And you're right, pretty petals IS a pretty pattern.

04 November, 2006 23:39  
Blogger Sanders said...

You're the sock maniac!!! I have to confess to having 4 skeins of the buffalo sportweight in my stash. It was a gift from my MIL and SIL for passing comps for my MLIS. Aren't they wonderful?

I haven't made anything with it yet, because being amazing yarn, it must be an amazing project. I'll have to checkout the new interweave knits. I haven't seen it yet.

Love the pretty petals~you must bring the cashmere fetching to knit night so we can all fondle them!

05 November, 2006 14:22  
Blogger Dharma said...

For some of us {ahem} that is a LOT of knitting. Buffalo, eh? Hm. One day perhaps. I love those pretty petal socks, great pattern. I have yet to really make socks but I have the sock yarn....

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

06 November, 2006 11:53  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

'Doesn't seem like much', it looks like alot to me, and bread-bakind too, I'd like to know where you find that eight day week!

06 November, 2006 14:12  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Marianne, greetings from Boston! Thank you so much for the beautiful, cozy bag and hat. Thanks for the time you put into making it for me.

Here are some pictures of your creation in a historic place.

With warm regards,

p.s. I love your blog, and I want Havala's gloves :)

06 November, 2006 20:34  
Blogger sweetfigs said...

I love these knits, every one of them.

Thanks for leaving me a comment re my Libby.

09 November, 2006 13:54  
Blogger sweetfigs said...

P.S. I found the canine epilepsy site. Their info will help me ask good questions @ the vet. Thanks.

09 November, 2006 14:01  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

you know... i think i read that if you have a horrid fever it can burn your tonsils...kinda make em shrivel up and die... eh... where was that... silly alien theories... too much X Files... CRY FOR JOY THE DEMOCRATS GOT CONGRESS!

09 November, 2006 19:02  

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