Monday, January 01, 2007

Black Eyed Peas

First post for 2007!

We had a very quiet New Year's Eve, for dinner I baked some fish, steamed some broc, sliced up an orange and split it up on two plates and called it good, and it was!
Just a quiet evening, and I loved it.

Soon I'll be putting on the pot of Black-eyed peas, had a bit of panic yesterday at the market in that I couldn't find any in the fresh produce, nor in the frozen foods, ack! Finally went back through the fresh produce and just happened to see them, they were in little bucket type containers....score! I'll also bake some cornbread to go along with the peas, it's a recipe made with whole spelt flour and honey, very tasty stuff.

Finally, although it's cold outside, the sun is shining and that means photos. This is the gift from my mom, the spindle, and yep, it's a Turkish Spindle, bolivian rosewood, made by the gifted Ed, of Jenkins Woodworking, and it's a beauty. It's shown here with some gorgeous pencil roving from Wanda,(Wanda, this is so soft and pretty, THANK YOU!) and the "A Walk through the Garden" roving from UK Jo,(Jo, as I've written before, beyond sweet, THANK YOU!) and one of the bundles of "Carrot Cake" roving I found at the Yarn Barn in Lawrence, Kansas.

I'm still working on the 'ends and pieces' of holiday knitting but not feeling at all stressed and enjoying spending time reading up on blogs, catching up with stress, how sweet is that?

I have a birthday coming up soon, and for fun.....a bit of a 'contest', guess which day it is, leave your answer in the comments, the ones who hit it I'll put their names in the hat and pick from them, the prize? a set of stitchmarkers....I'll even throw in a bit of fibre-y goodness, yeah, I know what you're really after. Heh.

I got a huge giggle yesterday, Hege left a comment about the number of socks I knit last year and that she's spent 3 months knitting 1.5 pair....huge giggle in that she knits these incredibly, heartbreakingly, beautiful, stunning colourwork sweaters. Oh yeah, go check them out.

Yesterday evening I approached DH with a future BD request....and of course, he was only too happy to agree to it (doesn't have to ponder that this year) so put in an order to Knitpicks, and since I made the order on the last day of the year.....and it's going to be hardput to be patient for this package....

OK, UK Jo, (she doesn't even know I'm doing this...heh) another weird thing.....again as a baby, I would wake up in the middle of the night (I know, not so weird) singing, and playing by myself, and of course this would wake my mom and dad, mom would come in to see what was going on only to find me having a great time singing and entertaining myself, didn't want anything, didn't need anything, and so she would go back to bed. I did this nearly every night, they quit checking on me but I would still wake them up with the singing and playing......and no, none of my kids were like this.....

Happy Knitting to All and continue to make good time.


Blogger Joanna said...

Loving the weirdness! Actually Neo was like that as a baby, we would put him in his cot and he would sit and talk and sing to himself for at least an hour before he went off to sleep,we used to listen in on the baby monitor, he would be reciting words over and over, practicing sounds and pronounciation!

01 January, 2007 16:25  
Blogger Carry said...

I found you via Rabbitch. Great blog! WE are doing the blackeyed peas thing today as well. My girl was raised in the will be my first New Years with the tradition...I can smell them cooking right now. :)

01 January, 2007 16:39  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh yes indeed black-eye peas and rice ,a staple of West-Indian food .They have a light nuttiness .Often they can only be found in small shops catering for the Asian and West-Indian communities . Jo that sounds so cute ..and Marianne that is such a sweet thought.Holly slept in our room for three years ..wouldn't budge so it would certainly have kept me awake if she'd done that !

02 January, 2007 02:03  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hum? ..let me think ...whenever your birthady is you look very young to be a Granny. I'm not guessing yet cos I had an idea..back soon!

02 January, 2007 07:23  
Blogger Dana said...

Great photos as usual! The roving is stunning and the spindle is just beautiful. To answer your question on my blog, any sock pattern would be appreciated; surprise me! Likewise, is there a color you particularly like for your slippers?
Birthday contest. I'm going to guess January 21st (it's my very beloved grandmother's birthday). Happy New Year!

02 January, 2007 07:24  
Blogger Dianne said...

It's always a pleasure to link to your blog..what stunning work..and your Christmas toy is awesome! about Jan. 19..that was my late Grandfathers bday..regardless, Happy Birthday and Happy Knitting!!

02 January, 2007 07:54  
Blogger Dana said...

Hello again. 9.5 for the both of us - - that's correct. As for color, I'm a muted-type too. Love earthtones of all shades, but especially greens. Happy Birthday!

02 January, 2007 08:31  
Blogger Ms. Knitingale said...

Ah, roving and toys....can a year start any better than that? I thought not. Now, if you can just teach me how to spin via e-mail.... idea. But I'll take a guess on January 14 for no particular reason.

02 January, 2007 08:55  
Blogger Hege said...

I am going to guess January 12th! Hope the blackeyed peas bring you good luck in the new year!

02 January, 2007 09:15  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My cunning plan went out thw window when I discovered your blog didn't start until August 2006 I'll say January 10th .

02 January, 2007 12:35  
Blogger Charity said...

My guess is January 17th (just because). I love the picture of you singing to yourself as a baby. :0)

02 January, 2007 12:38  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think you'r birthday may just be 6th Jan ?

02 January, 2007 14:53  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think the big day is Jan 15.

02 January, 2007 16:08  
Blogger Dianne said...

I can't say it's a special recipe, but I've had no 'returns'..It was always my favorite cake at Christmas when I was a child..but my Mom carried the recipe in her memory..the memory isn't what it used to in my search I found this one and have 'fine tuned'..will be happy to share if you'd like..Happy Knitting~~

02 January, 2007 18:13  
Blogger Sanders said...

Are you a capricorn too? Emma and I both are also...

I'm guessing your birthday is jan 19?

Mine is today:p Happy Birthday to me...

02 January, 2007 20:26  
Blogger Joanna said...

I'm enjoying the game, shame I can't join in, but a little bird told me when it is!! LOL

03 January, 2007 08:46  
Blogger Ambermoggie, a fragrant soul said...

I wonder now, could it be either Jan 6th or the 7th?
amber in scotland

04 January, 2007 11:13  
Blogger Fiberjoy said...

I'm chiming in LATE, but you haven't posted about a birthday yet, so I'm guessing the 13th, just because I like that number!

10 January, 2007 21:30  

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