Monday, October 15, 2007


That's me, coming up for air...gasp. ..... ok, the photo is obviously not me, that's the moonflower in the backyard...Mom's backyard now....

It's been a long haul, it's not quite over yet but for now...for today at least...well, I have a couple of errands for this morning but for the rest of the day? I think I'll spend it in the 'Bahamas'...

I'd like to thank everyone for all the supportive comments and emails, the wonderful posts on blogs that for just a few minutes here and there I was able to read/catch up on, feel connected....
Some are notable in that there were times I was feeling quite 'broken', physically, mentally, and emotionally.

One post by Stephanie, this one.... 'crazy pie'. I giggled and laughed, snorted and chortled, this phrase would play itself over and over whilst working away... I brought it to Bobby's attention, he got it. Of course it hit me, I've just been consuming a terrible amount of crazy pie, oh and hey, I've been good, sharing, serving it up in a most generous manner, just ask my dear husband, and the kids.

Another post, Norma and the Tomatoes... here, and please, read the comments. Again, this had me in a heap of giggles, I even went back at the end of that day to catch up on the comments. This post definitely saved me that day. Thank you, Norma!

A heartfelt thank you to Pat, she is always knitting the most lovely socks, sweaters, shawls, and since I wasn't getting any knitting in she most kindly agreed to let me 'knit' through her, dudes... what fun!

Wanda took me on a quiet, peaceful walk in the woods, shared some blackberries with me, mmmmmmm. This gave me a feeling that went beyond mere gratitude.

Glenna.... Amazing Glenna.... I've had to add to her name... 'crazyknittingandCUPCAKElady', she is Queen of Cupcakes, they're beautiful and I just know they're delicious! She also just finished her Rhinebeck Sweater, the Ribbi Cardi, which is a Stunner. All you Rhinebeckers keep an eye out for her and tell her 'hi' from me... maybe next year I'll make it there...

Charity... talk about knitting up a storm, she's been getting SO much knitting accomplished AND the blessed news of a more intimate knitting, the sweet soul she is knitting inside herself, pure joy.

Paula..."First there is a mitten, then there is no mitten, then there is"..with the first word I was singing along, ok, I love Donovan. Always have, always will. BTW, Paula? I'm still singing it. After reading the post and leaving a comment I took the link she gave and spent a GOOD 30 minutes or so just listening to different tunes, good times indeed.

Dana, Dianne, Nikki, and Linda, my Virginia Sisters, and Sweethearts every one, took a road trip together to a fibre fest, Dianne (bless you) had me tucked in her pocket, we had a wonderful time!

Nonizamboni just keeps posting the most wonderful photos and I love her writing.

Jo just keeps cranking out the handspun yarns, all of which take my breath away...

Ms.K.... seriously.... she just experienced a close encounter with a spider (no 'contact')(hee) and has some web photos that are very pretty but it's always a joy reading her posts, and the Miner's Blanket Project is going well, lots of wonderful squares are being made, she could use a few more..... I've knit 6 and will be sending them this week...

Monica was off and running to a fibre fest, she also had the treat of spending the day with Ms.K... lucky women.

Dear Angie... deleted her blog but then within a few days created another one! Welcome back!

So, that's just naming a few, there are many more...many many more and I thank each and every one.

Gretchen, whose support through emails have helped keep my spirits afloat... I think it's getting close to another 'guest' post, eh?

There have also been some parcels arriving on my doorstep, I have been VERY spoiled, treated to just the best goodies...

Dianne popped my cherry, my STR cherry, LOOK!!!!!

Seriously, I could fill a kiddie pool with the drool....that and I nearly wet my pants, alright? I was just amazed opening this package with all the goodness...seriously, I was in tears. Those joyful, heartfelt kind. Yes, I 'get it' about the STR yarny goodness...'Nodding Violet' is the colourway and it is waay beyond beautiful!
Dianne, thank you SO very much!

Jo sent this next parcel... see that handspun yarn? She spun that yarn! It's so very pretty and SO soft.....and those sock yarns? They're new to me, oh, I've seen a skein of the Jitterbug but I didn't have any... well, now I do......(BIG SMILE).... kiddie pool #2 filled with the drool....Jo, Sweetheart Jo, thank you SO very much! I have been looking at all the yarn she's been spinning for months and months now, it is ALL just Gorgeous!

I do have three knitting projects going... none of which I can blog about in that they're all secret projects... sorry.
I'm just happy that I've been managing a little bit of knitting!

On the homefront... We finished up on the interior of the house last Tuesday night, moved Mom in on Wednesday, have spent the last few days helping her unpack the essentials and then some... she's not able to use the big back room quite yet, the floor needs another week for curing, so I have a few days of tending to matters here. She closes on the sale of her house this Thursday. YAY!

I spent Saturday and Sunday at her old house, gathering the weird odds and ends that had been left behind... and out in the utility room... there's a whole wall of storage area, I opened the doors and just wanted to cry... full of old old books, magazines, etc. We cleaned out the garage Saturday, I went back yesterday and cleaned out the utility room, went through the books and boxed some that I wanted, boxed the rest and dropped them off at the Thrift store... bagged up all the crap and put it at the curb. whew. I then relinquished 'the' key. Oh, I did dig up some Lily of the Valley....She lived in that house for nearly 40 years, amazing. She's also very happy in the little house, no stairs inside to deal with, she loves the walk-in shower, and the utility room that's located in the house and not out in the garage...... life goes on, eh?

Oh, took some photos and I might sneak a few in here and there, then again, might not, but here's a real glamour shot, I know how 'you all' love those 'glamour shots' (ok, I do too, honestly, I love it when I get to see photos of everyone!).... you'd think I could at least smile while taking a photo knowing I'll be in it... true dork.

and just so you know... the yellow colour on the walls? It's really not that strong of a colour, it's actually a very soft yellow, more like this photo coming up next..... and yes, I DID clean the mirror....that's NOT some weird paint drip on my pants.....

I love you all.

Happy knitting to all and continue making good time.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Welcome back - so glad to hear you're getting some love back from those of us who are loved by you! There's so much you do for all of us it's only right and good that it boomerangs right back to you. Jo - I never mentioned a word, tho it killed me to not ask about it...a rarity.
Really - you're thinking about Rhinebeck next year???? hmmmmmmm. Is anyone thinking what I'm thinking?

15 October, 2007 15:03  
Blogger Kitty Mommy said...

I'm so glad to hear that the craziness is starting to settle!

I think Lily of the Valley is my favorite flower (though lilacs are right up there)...probably not a coincidence that my Grandma O had both growing around her house.

15 October, 2007 15:17  
Blogger Faren said...

It is so good to hear from you! Those packages are so nice. All that yarn is gorgeous! That was so sweet of them. Hope the crazy starts to settle.

15 October, 2007 15:28  
Blogger Knit and fall back in it said...

I am so glad to see you in that picture, smiling or not, I at least know that your head is still attached to your body.

15 October, 2007 17:09  
Blogger Dianne said...

What a lovely happy your head is partially out of the sand for now..I love the yellow!!
Some gorgeous homespun!!
It's crazy pie here again ..therefore no time other than a comment..the woman has gone off the deep end and is pulling me with her..argh I will write soon...but it may be from the 'rubber room'..Love you~

15 October, 2007 17:23  
Blogger Emma said...

Yay! Marianne is back! Looks like you got some great gifties--especially that chocolate bar set. Be sure and bring those to Knit Nite!

15 October, 2007 17:36  
Blogger Nikki said...

I'm so glad the craziness is apparently settleing down to a dull roar for you. Looks like some wonderful goodies you've got there!! We sure did miss you at FFF and talked about how much we wished you could've come with us!

15 October, 2007 18:41  
Blogger Hege said...

Whew, a lot of work! Glad you are able to come up for air. I have missed reading your blog.
I do love yellow walls. I used to live in a yellow house, with yellow interior walls. So sunny :)

15 October, 2007 18:43  
Blogger Unknown said...

Yay! It is so good to hear from you again.

The crazy pie thing seems to be going around. Perhaps it is the recipe of the month. Or the quarter. Who's counting? I am sure you are handling it (or at least handing it out) with aplomb.

Yarn is gorgeous. Am drooling right along with you.

16 October, 2007 05:43  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was so happy when I saw a new post listed next to your name in my bloglines! WELCOME BACK! You've really been missed around here.

I'm so glad to hear that you can slow down a little bit; I was beginning to worry about you. So much work for one person! It's also very good to hear that your mom is moved into her new home and is happy with it.

Thanks for the update on all the blogs too; unfortunately, I've been way behind on my blog reading and didn't know about Charity's new project. Thanks for the heads up.

Have a great day, Marianne; you so deserve it!

16 October, 2007 05:56  
Blogger Robin said...

Hey!!! You are back, I've missed you! So glad that things are getting better for ya!

16 October, 2007 08:24  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well hello! New posts finally! :-) And I don't remember ever seeing you in the photo before? Hello again! The bathroom looks great!

I know how emotional one can get when going through a roomful of memories. Glad that things are moving along nicely for you. :-) Oh! I've never seen a moonflower before. Does it always open late?

16 October, 2007 10:38  
Blogger Dana said...

Oh yay! I'm glad to you were able to break free for a little while and post. The work you've been doing is monumental and how you've survived the last several months of moving two complete households is beyond me.

As soon as you are able, park yourself somewhere comfortable and dive into the beautiful yarns that Dianne & Jo sent. You've earned a long rest and several treats. XOXOX

16 October, 2007 11:33  
Blogger Charity said...

Good to see you back! And just loook at the goodies you have there - really wonderful. I hope they help you feel refreshed after all the crazy pie (I love that phrase, too, and so, naturally, does Brian) you've had around there! :0)

16 October, 2007 11:43  
Blogger Sarah said...

Lovely to have you back blogging :o)

16 October, 2007 14:59  
Blogger picperfic said...

well young lady, a lot of time has passed since your last post and now you have given us the most refreshing read of your antics! YOu are amazing the way you keep up with the blog world and your friends...for me, the bit that caused me the most pleasure was the non smiling photo, not a dork but my lovely frind Marianne US x

16 October, 2007 16:05  
Blogger Joanna said...

Hey maybe I could start thinking about Rhinebeck next year too, no harm in thinking!, and lets get Gretch guest posting, how about every week Gretch? No surely, it is a great honour to have you back amongst us, and sharing a slice of crazy pie! We love you Marianne xxx

18 October, 2007 03:55  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So does this mean we are all done?? Are you back to your own knitting? Can I lure you back with anything? Actually, you probably picked a good time to go out on your own, since my knitting output may be dropping soon!
Welcome back!!

19 October, 2007 08:45  
Blogger Angela Cox said...

Well done Marianne . We wish your Mum much happiness in her new home . I am not surprised by the drool..gorgeous. I am not even going to attempt to send you another parcel until the postal dispute is settled . Then you deserve a treat .I think we've all given up wondering if and when we'll see any mail.

20 October, 2007 03:00  
Blogger Granny Smith said...

Hooray! You're back! I was getting worried - but not reakky, since you have posted such welcome comments on Granny Smith and Peacock Blue, among others. I love that shade of yellow. You have been really really busy, and I hope you have a chance to relax a little and to do the things you most enjoy.

Welcome back,

20 October, 2007 16:46  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Snatch the tomato from my hand, grasshopper (and I shall ninja-kick your bony a$$ across the temple) --Venerable Shaolin monk

Oh my golly, I almost spit my Kit-Kat on the keyboard. I can think of a few folks in my life that seriously need to have their a$$e$ ninja-kicked across the Temple.

01 November, 2007 15:19  

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