Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Back now from Frog Pond

Yes, I took a little side-trip to Frog Pond, I made this bag a couple of months ago, no, I don't have a photo of mine, but, the Good Women in my knitting group will vouch for me that I did indeed knit up the front and back and had started on the gusset, they saw the front and back panels, but I just stopped knitting it, about 3/4 into the gusset, ADD strikes again.

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This is the photo Berroco has on it's site, it's a free pattern, called the Brea Bag, it's quite easy and a quick knit, there's absolutely nothing wrong with it, but, this yarn is so nice and soft...Ultra Alpaca...has equal shares of alpaca and wooly goodness. For a bag that I would use, it doesn't need to be quite this soft, and honestly? I really would rather have a much larger bag, quite like the one I made that's going to Boston. I also thought this lovely yarn should be knit up into something that will be next to someone's skin, keeping them toastie, I'm thinking of Fetching again, but making them longer to cover more of the fingers' length. What do you think?

So, this morning I went rooting around in the yarn pantry where I'd stuck the baggie with the bag pieces, brought them out into the open, retrieved my sweet beloved ball winder, (I am so totally smitten) and trotted off to Frog Pond. Now this particular bag is knit with two strands of yarn, and since I'm a bit overboard on 'weaving those ends in' it didn't take long until I was uttering some pretty ugly things about the character of the woman who had done this....'she's daft, whatever was she thinking!'......'the woman is mad, did she really think *all this craziness necessary?', 'she shouldn't be allowed anywhere near a tapestry needle and yarn ends', and finally, 'unbelievable!'. I did manage to get them frogged.....and the two strands separated, and no, I don't want to discuss that....helloooooo my darling ball winder, want to go for a bit of a spin with me?

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This is a photo of my mess, actually, this is a photo of my bit of happiness on the living room table, stuff I like to keep close at hand, WIPs, etc. of course it changes from time to time as to content but the bit of happiness is always there, right there, not two feet from my knitting chair, except for Thanksgiving, when I'm told I really have to move it somewhere else, otherwise where are folks going to sit and dinner??? Great indignation is what I feel but.....ok, do I really want 'them', (muggles all) touching my bit of happiness? I think not.

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Do you see that book?!? "Toys to Knit" yep. There really is a crazywoman around here, says she lives here...".oh, yes, what's it to you?" see what I have to put up with? She's always talking back to me... I do want to make a dollie for Gracie, and perhaps the elephant....and something for Conor, oh, I know he's 9 years old but I still think he'd like a wee beastie, plus the child has always been appreciative of handmade items, he is so hip to 'time taken to make someone something', he amazes me sometimes, his is a very old soul, I love this boyo so dearly, can you tell? Oh, now shush. I *am* his Grandma afterall.

The news around....Ms. Knitingale started her fall classes today, talk about an angel, and she's not walking around in any disguise either, you remember what those 'first day at school' days felt like? Cheer this woman on! Wish her well, the world definitely needs a woman of her character in the realm of nursing. Also, Jo has been having a few issues with Blogger...and from what I gather from the comments, she's not the only one, I had to upload my photos of monday what a pain. Hopefully she'll get her photos up so we can all see them, they are always and forever a big treat, she's also been very busy and I want to hear all about it. Jason has some beautiful photos of some trees, they're where kapok comes from, eh, go check it out, he's also been doing some spinning that just might possibly make you drool, I did, big time. Crazy Knitting Lady has a design in Knitty! a beautiful wrap sweater, called Ivy, and it is stunning! Congratulations! AStrikke has been knitting a Fair Isle sweater and has *just* pulled off her very first steeks, she has photos and everything....and if you scroll down a bit you can see a photo of her and Our Blessed Harlot both in their Icarus shawls. Lene is working on a twined yarn project, you must see, she is so incredibly talented.

The outside world is calling, as in mow this yard!

Happy Knitting to all, take good care, and make good time.

ps...had issues with blogger also, desperately wanted to reach through, grab some ear and say "Blog this".......I love photobucket.


Blogger Ms. Knitingale said...

Oh, it's not just me? I was starting to become quite paranoid about blogger and photos! In fact, my computer got so gummed up I had to reboot...don't ask me what I was thinking when the command "strike any key" came up....but it involved tools. Love the wee toys....I'm still looking for a sheep pattern. Which one are you making first? I like the purse quite a bit...but I hate the hassle of making a liner, so would probably have been right there in the frog pond with you! Love ya, Marianne!

20 September, 2006 20:19  

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