Friday, August 18, 2006

A Bit of Visiting....and other news...

On the homefront this past week, we had a visitor, Connie a.k.a. Aunt Connie by all the kids, and to me? Well, she used to be my sister-in-law, but now...she remains as always and forever, my sister of the heart. What a beautiful soul this woman has, and everything else I might add. She came into town for a short visit last week. My daughter, Havala, and I got to spend some time with her last friday, she came over here and started looking over the knitting I had been doing....tried on (for the very first time) a homemade sock and of course was completely smitten. Now Connie knits, and does quite a lot with her life, she is currently into her photography, but I have to tell you, after she put that sock on, well, it very well may have changed her life, and if not completely, it did inspire her to make some socks. So I got out this little book I had found when I made my first pair of socks and gave it to her and then we talked a bit about socks, how they're made....I feel I have done my daily knitterly duty.

We then went to lunch at the Wild Fork in Utica Square where you can always find really good food, it was a bit crowded but we managed to get right in. From there we took a stroll to Loops where Connie proceeded to have a truly great time, she grabbed up some sock yarn, some dpns and was charmed with the Lucy she got some yarn for that...and the circs for making it, my daughter bought some wool for the Market bag (which I will be knitting), this was perhaps the first time I've ever walked into a yarn shop and left empty handed, I guess I was getting enough thrills watching them.

We got back to the homestead and I started telling her (while she's writing it all down) about the yarn shops on-line, knitting blogs, etc, it was so much fun seeing her get so excited about it all. My oldest son, Aardron, dropped by to visit with his favourite Auntie, he then jumped up to gather his children to bring over so they could spend some time with her also.

We had a great visit.

Conor starts school next Monday, and yesterday, our last day of the summer together I was really wanting to do something special (last year we went and rode the roller-coaster together, his first time) but sadly, we ended up just having ourselves a quiet day together,( due to a dental appointment I had the day before and was feeling like I needed a more restful day for healing) but I think we had a great day.
There's a website he just loves, and if I knew how to do links I would show you, but that will have to wait for another day. The website shows all kinds of bugs, reptiles, birds, animals, you name it, they've got it and they're all linked together and yes, he really truly loves it.

One more bit of news and this is really fantastic news, one of my dearest friends, Jo, just got home from an 8 month stay in hospital, she's doing very well and I'd go into it more but feel I should get an 'ok' from her first, and really, right now, it's enough that she is finally back home, because we all know....home is where she wants to be. Welcome home sweetheart.

On the personal knitting front....
Here is a photo of the shawl I was working on, finished it, got it blocked and....Ta Da!

I really like this shawl, and am just itching to get started on another lace project but it may have to wait.....socks are forever calling my name, mostly the socks to be made with special names on them for holiday gifts........


Blogger Emma said...

The shawl looks beautiful! And, of course, ballband dishrags are always in fashion.

20 August, 2006 19:18  
Anonymous Ellen in Conn said...

Hi, Marianne, and thank you for your wishes via Finland - isn't that convoluted?! My Firefox doesn't show pictures in Blogspot blogs right now. So I use another browser. Well, actually, for some (like yours) it shows a tiny box where the cursor turns into a hand and then I click and see the picture. Not too much work, compared to, say, asking you to send paper copies of photos in the postal mail!!

I like your little hats very much, especially the tomato.

It is raining in Connecticut this morning. I am debating footwear. I guess I will start out barefoot and put sandals on when I get to work, where after a short time I will take them off again.

Have a good week.
ellenanthony gmail calm

28 August, 2006 06:22  
Blogger Jo said...

Hi, Marianne, dropped over from Ireland for a visit and love your weblog. I too struggled with putting links on the page but with a lot of help from blog friends I eventually managed it. Now I keep all the ones I use regularly on a desktop document and cut and paste them in whenever needed. Delighted to assist if you want to email me (you can do this by going to Knitter's Review Forum, finding me (Celtic Memory there as here) and sending me a private email).

And delighted to know you go for the powerful hell-raiser Brigid too!

31 August, 2006 15:11  

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