Thursday, April 24, 2008

Bobby's Big Blankie, specs revealed.

Apparently the Bobby's Big Blankie was a hit with most of the folks dropping by last post, Thank you... Someone had asked me about the 'hits' on the blog, you know, after being 'Harlotted', and silly me, it just hadn't occurred to me to check the number before, when I actually did check and then recheck... well, it was over a thousand... closer to two... so the folks who came by and were brave enough to leave a comment, Thank you!

The pattern is Plymouth Yarn Design Studio #1063 for Boku yarn. This is what it looks like.

The yarn I used is Noro Big Kureyon, colourway #7, I started out with some in my stash then of course I needed more... found the rest of it on 50% and then 75% discount. I found 17 tags, although I'm thinking there were a couple more skeins than that... I have two more wound skeins and one not wound (and therefore not counted in the tags).

Mine ended up a bit larger, measuring 56" in length and 51" in width. I didn't do the mitred border either, I picked up along the sides first and used garter stitch, then picked up along the ends and used garter stitch, the ends having more rows.

My plans for the left over yarn... pillow covers. I've already knit one for a 14"square, just winging it, one side the mitred squares, the other side stockinette with garter borders. I had some shell buttons I used and they are seriously pretty with these colours. I have 2 18"square pillow forms that I'll knit covers for, but not anytime soon, those can wait.

Bobby really does love his blankie and he does appreciate all the time that went into the making of it.

I also made this little sweater for Gracie. Knitting Pure & Simple, children's neckdown cardigan #981. She and I made a trip to the lys last Fall, she saw this yarn and 'fell in love'... bright cheerful colours, it was on sale, how's a Grandma to refuse? Ok, there ARE things I refuse her, on a nearly daily basis... but this... this I couldn't... refuse.
The yarn.. It just says 'Andes' on it, 100% wool, NOT a superwash so it comes back to me for proper baths.
I made it a bit roomy, long in the sleeves and body length, you know how kids grow in the Summer... She's already gotten to wear it a few times and it should fit her fine next Fall and Winter.

This is a nice yarn, softens nicely after a good proper bath, the pattern Very Easy. She and I both love this little sweater. I have left over yarn with which I'll knit up a hat and pair of mittens, hopefully by next Autumn when she needs them.
I have tried to find a link for a good look at this yarn, Ravelers may have an easier time of it, Elizabeth Austen, Andes, this is colourway #11... Bubblegum Sunshine... snort.

I've also made a pair of socks for DIL Deidre, for her birthday... it hit me that I hadn't made her socks, ever. No photos. Camnesia. Addle brain. That's me. None of that reflects my love for this young woman, well, except knitting her the socks because we all know.... handknit socks=love.

Most of my time is being spent with yardwork, either here or at Mom's... between the rains and Gracie Days.

Avery turned 33 on the 21st (Monday this week), we had him here for the weekend, birthday gathering, dinner, and cake. Fun times.

I was going to include photos of some of the things growing in the yard but 'it's' just not going for it. Maybe next time.

Happy knitting to all and continue making good time.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is one nice blankie AND a great cardi! Nice job :D

24 April, 2008 10:19  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love the blankie and the sweater, too. How fun to see a post from you! The Harlot has made you famous - you should capitalize on it!!

24 April, 2008 11:06  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The colors on the blankie are sooo beautiful. I can see why it is Bobby's favorite.

Gracie's sweater is very cute and perfect for a little girl with strawberry blond hair.

Sounds like your needles have been busy clicking away! I agree --- handknit socks do = LOVE!

24 April, 2008 11:10  
Blogger Charity said...

Just look at Gracie in that sweater, she looks like a little ray of sunshine herself! Love the yarn you used, the sweater looks amazing! :0)

24 April, 2008 11:15  
Blogger Knitting Linguist said...

The sweater is so cute!! I may have to keep an eye out for some of that yarn; my girls would love it (and it's probably time to start thinking about knitting for the fall, no?). That blanket is absolutely gorgeous -- I've been too scared to try a blanket, but someday...

24 April, 2008 12:34  
Blogger weebug said...

blankie and sweater! it doesn't get much better than that! both are absolutely lovely.

24 April, 2008 14:40  
Blogger Sarah said...

Thanks for the specs - sure is a beautiful blanket.

Gracie looks wonderful in her cardi :o)

24 April, 2008 15:24  
Blogger Nikki said...

What a beautiful blankie! I bet the pillows are pretty, too!

and the Sweater (and the Gracie in it)? adorable!

24 April, 2008 19:41  
Blogger Knit and fall back in it said...

I've seen the sweater and the blankie both in person and they are fabulous.

24 April, 2008 20:25  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Awwww, look at Gracie in her beautiful new sweater. Man, she's a doll and she looks so grown up!

Happy (belated) Birthday to Avery!

25 April, 2008 06:07  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for always cheering me up. Things are a bit better today. He came home rather apologetic last night. He told me he would tone down the freaking out. I have suggested the break thing. He's usually resistant to that saying he is afraid I wouldnt let him comme back. That blanket is so amazing! Congrats on getting Harlotted, lol! And the sweater is so pretty! My kids always love everything 2 sizes too big, so they tend to wear their favorites a looong time.

25 April, 2008 11:23  
Blogger nonizamboni said...

So nice to 'see' you again and I LOVE the blankie--the pattern and colors are yummy. Then there's adorable Gracie and her sweater--both so pretty. And Avery was home too? What a week you've had in the fun department. Hope you're enjoying springtime!
P.S. Thanks so much for the Christopher Robin & Pooh quote. A keeper.

25 April, 2008 11:56  
Blogger Dana said...

Happy Birthday Avery! :)

"Bubblegum Sunshine" - - the name's a hoot. Gracie looks adorable in her cardigan and so much older since the last batch of photos. Her hair has really grown out and she looks noticably taller. What a lovely young lady!

Bobby's Blanket - - it's in the "Museum of Drool." I've never met knitting I didn't like, but some knitted things make you stop and stare (with your mouth hanging open, drooling, like the village idiot), as you take in the color, the pattern, and imagine the texture & weight. That blanket was the most recent inductee. Welcome to Dana's Musee du Drool. :) Have a great weekend! XOXOX

25 April, 2008 12:35  
Blogger Vanessa said...

Gorgeous sweater! You are so talented knitting!

25 April, 2008 14:21  
Blogger Joanna said...

I will never tire of looking at that blankie, and Gracie looks quitevthe picture in that lovely cardigan,great colour!

25 April, 2008 14:25  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That Gracie is just as cute as she needs to be..and that sweater is gorgeous..I love that color on her..perfect combo~..and the know how I feel about that..that is just a work of art and love..super hugs to you my dear sister of knit~

26 April, 2008 10:31  
Blogger raining sheep said...

Beautiful blanket and most beautiful sweater. The sweater is a pretty color for a little girl and looks very soft.

26 April, 2008 11:02  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You may refer to it as a blankie, I prefer to think of it as fiber art that should be on a wall. Your choice of colors is fabulous.

Bubblegum sunshine - how appropriate. Of course you couldn't resist the plea for that yarn.;-)

26 April, 2008 21:36  
Blogger Spinning Lara said...

Your Grandaughter is adorable! Love the sweater, what beautiful colors.

29 April, 2008 09:16  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gracie Days - sounds like a summer festival to me!

29 April, 2008 19:21  
Blogger Lelia said...

Wow. Beautiful blanket. Delightful sweater, too : )

Enjoy the day!

01 May, 2008 09:20  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You already know I love that blanket (and I've given up on getting the Google acct to accept my comment.) Lately I've been thinking it wouldn't be so insane for my mom to pick up a few skeins and the pattern to try out the pillow idea.

02 May, 2008 07:38  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love that blanket! And the sweater is just perfect for a little girl!

02 May, 2008 10:12  
Blogger Eva i Halmstad said...

What a nice blankie, the coulor its lovley. Me like..
Sorry my english.
Eva in Sweden

04 May, 2008 09:13  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love that Gracie has such good taste and that she's being exposed to self-sufficiency in fashion at such a young age. Well done!

And the die for!

04 May, 2008 14:16  
Blogger Angela Cox said...

Oh that is lovely ,lucky Gracie . I missed this post somehow .angie x

05 May, 2008 12:34  
Blogger picperfic said...

Now young Gracie looks gorgeous in her new cardigan, I love the colour she chose! She is growing so fast!

07 May, 2008 11:36  
Blogger catmum said...

That blankie is fabulous. wow. and Noro, brilliant.
Gracie is adorable, substitute Grammy sends hug, her sweater is lovely. Inspiring. One of these days.

07 May, 2008 20:44  
Blogger Sarah said...

More blogging please! I've tagged you for a meme if you fancy it - details in my latest post :o)

26 May, 2008 12:49  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oops! I see Sarah just tagged you - I did, too, so don't feel like you have to take two memes on (they are probably even the same ones!)

04 June, 2008 21:29  
Blogger picperfic said...

hey Mus, where are you?

15 June, 2008 10:20  
Blogger Sachiko said...

Cardigan is very beautiful!!!!

16 June, 2008 21:34  
Blogger Probably Jane said...

That blanket really is a work of art.

17 June, 2008 07:48  
Blogger Unknown said...

Excellent blanket. What else can I say? It's an excellent blanket.

18 June, 2008 01:57  
Blogger Granny Smith said...

You knit so beautifully! I wish I could achieve something as beautiful as Bobby's blanket. I have a friend, though, and I have highlighted a wee bit of her work on my blog until the post title "Knitters Take Notice." You might like to check it out.

Love, Phyllis

22 June, 2008 19:02  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Another hit! Love that sweater -- simple and SWEET.

And I repeat on the blankie -- it's a gorgeous work of art.

07 July, 2008 08:30  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That blanket is absolutely amazing! What a wonderful talent you have.

11 July, 2008 00:51  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

11 July, 2008 13:13  
Blogger Granny Smith said...

Dear Marianne, I don't know where to find you except in these comments. You are sweet to continue your comments of my blog and those of many of my blogger friends. But I miss your once frequent posts. And I'm not sure you will ever see this, since it is at the bottom of a post with a long-ago date.

Missing you,

31 August, 2008 17:17  
Blogger Knit and fall back in it said...

Yeah, what Grannie Smith said.

31 August, 2008 18:18  
Blogger Hege said...

The blanket is stunning! I absolutely love it. ....I feel kind of bad commenting six months later :)

19 October, 2008 20:18  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Those are absolutely beautiful! I so wish I had the ability to do such things. I suppose it is OK though, my 9 year old daughter is learning so someday she will make stuff like that for me :)

26 October, 2008 16:18  
Blogger Linda said...

Your blanket is gorgeous.

30 October, 2008 10:18  
Blogger picperfic said...

hey...where are you? You might like to go and read my latest blogpost?

06 November, 2008 03:47  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, Gorgeous blanket. I love it. And the cardi is cute too.

10 December, 2008 06:30  

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