Thursday, January 03, 2008

Happy Birthday, Baby Girl.....

I love my daughter.

Shall we count the.... rows? Smooch gave it a shot.

I'm thinking there's a gazillion rows of K1P1 in this scarf... yep, you got that right, K1P1, all.the.way. yep, and this scarf is looooong. It measures 5 inches in width (39 stitches) and 98.5 inches in length... so how much do I love my daughter?

Plenty and then a whole lot more.

Boku yarn and there's actually 3 colourways there... started out with 'A' and 'B' then halfway through continued with 'B' and then used 'C'.....

I also remembered I had blogged about her birthday last year...

but while reviewing that post I also took a little stroll down memory lane... last January.

Now I know I'm not the most consistent blogger, never have been, can't even imagine, but dang, I sure did a better job of it then... and I got to thinking about it and wondering what happened and then it hit me.....

It was all that 'looking' and 'finding' and 'packing' and then 'moving' and 'unpacking' (feel like bitchslappin' me?) then the 'remodeling for 2 months' and all those activities involved with Mom's house and moving her (thank you Deidre, Aardron, Havala, Bobby, and everyone else who helped out with that one) and and and.... it all just wiped me out.

Not to mention the Emotional Upheavals, and.....

The Ice Storm.

The Holidays.

The Cold Virus (yeah, you didn't know about that one, kicked my butt).

So, pretty much the last 6 months have not been blogger post friendly.

(btw, that Cold Virus? the reason I didn't respond to comments from the past two posts, and for this I apologize, sincerely).... I'm just a blog wuss.

Havala..she's 31 today... my baby is 31 years of 'earth age' today....
birthday tradition... we'll be eating sushi tonight... we do love our sushi.

She and I have a lot of fun together, we laugh a LOT, it just happens... one of us will do or say something which may or may not be totally crazy or ridiculous which starts the other one giggling which turns into snorts and laughs and we just.can't.stop.

One thing we had to come to terms with this year, and seriously, I mean absolutely no disrespect, with all the funeral services we had... we absolutely cannot sit next to each other, or really anywhere close to each other because... (I know, this is so bad)... we get tickled about the same kind of thing and whether it's something someone says or how they say it.. one of us will... well, it starts with a smile, innocent enough, but if we look at each other? "It's all over now, baby blue" it takes heroic efforts to get it under control. we bad. we don't mean to... be bad.


I had a case of camnesia on Christmas Eve. Gracie and Conor received their mittens and, bless them, put them on right then and there and love them. They were here last Thursday and came in wearing them... that wasn't a case of camnesia, that was 'addle brain' on my part, didn't get a photo. Hopefully I'll get the opportunity to get photos of them and their mittens.

Conor needs a new hat.
I have yarn for a sweater for Gracie... her birthday will be here before I know it.
I need to get back to Bobby's blankie.

I need more hands to knit with. Obviously whoever was in charge of 'design' wasn't a knitter. Make that Knitter. But as I was told, many years ago by a beautiful Italian soul... "respect the design".. truer words have never been spoken (well, ok, maybe truer words have been spoken but these are right up there, you know?).

I took them to heart and make the best of it, having only 2 hands to knit with... I'm more than grateful.

Happy Knitting to All... may we all continue making good time in 2008!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to your dear daughter. The scarf is beautiful.

You may not blog often, but your posts are always SO well written.

03 January, 2008 11:04  
Blogger Charity said...

Happy Birthday, Havala, and Happy New Year to you all! :0)

K1P1 is a great feat in itself! Nice job.

03 January, 2008 11:19  
Blogger Knit and fall back in it said...

Happy birthday to Havala, doesn't someone else have a birthday coming up soon? I wonder...

03 January, 2008 11:43  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you mom...I love it already! Tell the FAT CAT the scarf is MINE!

03 January, 2008 11:44  
Blogger Ambermoggie, a fragrant soul said...

Happy birthday Havala and happy new year Marianne. Hope you feel better:)

03 January, 2008 11:47  
Blogger Mindy said...

Happy birthday to your daughter. 31 is a good age :)

03 January, 2008 12:02  
Blogger Pat said...

Aren't daughters fun? I'm so glad that 1 out of 4 of mine was a girl! The scarf is gorgeous with all those beautiful colors!

03 January, 2008 12:03  
Blogger Kitty Mommy said...

Happy Birthday Havala!

Eleventy-teen miles of k1p1? Yikes! At least it is beautiful yarn and fun stripes to keep it from totally driving one out of one's mind!

03 January, 2008 12:22  
Blogger Robin said...

Happy B-day!! WOW..K1P1 scarf, she is LOVED!!! You're a better Mom than I!

03 January, 2008 15:13  
Blogger Nikki said...

Happy Birthday to you lovely daughter!! and yeah, I know about the giggle thing. it's me and my sister...

03 January, 2008 16:30  
Blogger Paula said...

Wow. You really love her a LOT. I love mine too, but they are getting Corrugators!

03 January, 2008 18:35  
Blogger Dianne said...

Very beautiful and quite a special gift..Happy Birthday Lovely and Lucky Daughter of Marianne.
Huge Birthday hugs~~

03 January, 2008 21:12  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy B-Day Havala! 98" +??? You need never wonder how much your mama loves you. I'm pretty sure mine doesn't come close!
And, you, Marianne - welcome back to our open arms.

03 January, 2008 23:55  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's a gorgeous scarf! Wow. So many Noros are popping up all over now and yours is as pretty as the patterns make them sound. Happy birthday to your daughter and I wish you both a happy new year.

04 January, 2008 09:01  
Blogger weebug said...

i love the scar, it is so beautiful. happy b-day to your daughter. i am so glad you are hanging around in the blogosphere. happy new year to you and yours.

04 January, 2008 09:17  
Blogger Sarah said...

Hope the sushi was wonderful and Havala's birthday great.

04 January, 2008 10:17  
Blogger Jason said...

I love your scarf! Oh, not really yours to keep. :-) That pattern is on my to-do list. Your daughter is a lucky one. :-)

We have very good sushi restaurants here. You all need to come and visit!

04 January, 2008 10:51  
Blogger nonizamboni said...

Wow, your daughter and your love for each other just blows me away! I thoroughly enjoyed reading last year's post and as a mother of daughters I couldn't keep a straight face or a dry eye. (Erica is my uncontrollable laugher!--can't take her to funerals either.)
Awww, wish we lived closer. . .
Hope you're on the mend and. . . happy, happy days, dear friend.

04 January, 2008 12:33  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy Be-lated birthday, Havala!
Your mom must really, really love you lots to do 98.5 inches of K1P1!!!! I'm not sure I love anyone that much ;-)

04 January, 2008 12:59  
Blogger Joanna said...

It's a beautiful scarf, I've never heard of boku, lovely colours, best wishes to Havala. It's a busy couple of months for you for birthdays as I recall.

04 January, 2008 15:06  
Blogger Dana said...

Happy Birthday Havala! Marianne, your scarf is MAGNIFICENT! As for the blogging, when it's a pleasure to do it and not a chore or an obligation, then it's time to sit down and compose.

I second Dee, "...may not blog often," but your posts are definitely worth it.

Have a wonderful New Year both of you!

04 January, 2008 15:13  
Blogger Vanessa said...

I love the knitting! Gorgeous! Happy New Year and hope its all put back together up there. I'm in Dallas and missed the ice storm but was sure thinking about OKC in December.

04 January, 2008 19:12  
Blogger Eric & Tony said...

The Scarf is Beautiful!
Happy bday to Havala.
And Happy New year to you all.

06 January, 2008 12:06  
Blogger Knitting Linguist said...

Happy birthday, dear daughter! That scarf is truly a testament to motherly love :) We're glad you're still here blogging when you can -- we've all been through those insane times in life when you've just got to hunker down and get through -- I hope you're feeling better at last :)

06 January, 2008 21:11  
Blogger Glenna C said...

Awww kitty! Happy birthday too, and wow what a great scarf. I would be thrilled to have that as a gift for any occasion! I send hugs.

06 January, 2008 21:47  
Blogger picperfic said...

Oh have I missed it? Happy Birthday havala...I love your name by the way!

That scarf is stunning and I guess every stitch was ntted with love as you got yourself well again?

Ali and I are the same as you and Havala, when we are apart though, we just long to be together again!

07 January, 2008 02:48  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think getting the giggles with one's daughter is the highest respect one can pay at a funeral. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. Hope the birthday was a lovely as the scarf.

07 January, 2008 06:49  
Blogger Monika said...

Happy Birthday to your daughter! The scarf looks great, I like the colors. Your giggling story reminded me of one time I had the giggles at a funeral (I call it the insanity laughing. I was maybe ten years old, at one of my grandmothers funeral. We had to walk from her house to the graveyard, and the local band was leading the procession, walking in sync with the sad tunes they produced. Those men where pretty much all overweight, and looksed so funny to me, that I could not help but laugh, because we had to walk like them (the speed I mean). People thought I was crying so hard for my granny, when in fact I was laughing tears. I was real ashamed of myself, but could not help myself. My brother walked beside me, and he gave me the elbow several times. Oh, god, that was such a long time ago.
Happy New Year! :o)

07 January, 2008 07:18  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

A Dr Who scarf! :-) Bet Havala loves it.

The month of birthdays has begun.

09 January, 2008 23:02  
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