Thursday, January 01, 2009

It's Been Awhile

Hah. I'll bet you all thought I'd given up with the blog, but no. It's been flitting around in my head, for months, but I'd end up choking. Always. I'm a blog wuss. Does anyone know of a support group?

This will be a short one, dipping the toes in the water type. I HAVE been knitting these past few months, mostly stealth projects. I'll get to those in future posts (did I just write 'future posts'?!?!?). I still have a few stealth projects to knit but I'm also going to devote more time to 'selfish knitting' this year, knits for ME.

At some point early November I decided all the kids, young and old, large and small, needed felted clogs, holiday gifts and checking with calendar in hand I decided it was 'doable' and it was. (note there are two pair of pink clogs, the first pair was too small for Gracie aka Little Miss Bigfoot)

My mother was telling me a month or so ago that she has been experiencing getting chilled, which is a rather new thing for her, but partly (mostly) due to her being more sedentary. I got to thinking about this and of course decided a shawl was in order. I went with the 'Pie Are Square Shawl' ala EZ, and true to EZ decided on the garter stitch. I had two huge skeins of pure alpaca that I'd picked up at the Yarn Barn in Kansas... what, 3 years ago, gorgeous natural brown (think light dusting of snow on trees) then knit the attached lace border (more alpaca, mix of light natural and pale gray). Finished the knitting on the night of 22 Dec, soaked it and blocked it the next morning, put the box fan on a low setting to further enhance the drying and it was ready for gifting Christmas Eve. Right off the needles it looked like just so much crap. Honestly. I had more than a few anxious moments, I couldn't even take a photo of it.
Silly me. It blocked out beautifully.

No photos of Mom with her shawl, she really doesn't care for having photos taken of her but I'm hoping to get them at some point.

I've been inspired by Cindy and her tunes. Here's one for you, to bring in the New Year.
This is one of The Very First Tunes I remember as a child and absolutely loving it. I still do.

Until next post, Happy Knitting to all, best wishes for a Happy New Year to you and your loved ones, and yes, Make Good Time.