Monday, February 04, 2008

seems I've stumbled down a hole.....

E'gads.... and before you ask (if you're so inclined) I HAVE stumbled down a deep dark hole, over and over and over.... I really do need to do something about 'that' hole... like fill it up, and I'm working on it.

Bobby brought home some new tech, which is always and yet never a surprise, you know? He has his computer interests and I have my fibre interests ('interests'=obsessions).. after getting it set up and learning what he wanted to know (for starters anyway) he then placed this new piece of tech on my desk. It's an iMac . Now.... I had my computer, (and being late to this whole world) I had finally gotten comfortable with it, had it at my beck and call, you know what I'm talking about, quit snickering.... it did what I wanted it to do and in a timely fashion.... now for something entirely different. No... not really but it IS different and I'm learning and I apparently really am a dork.

Personally, I'm thinking he's just trying to ward off Alzheimers... in me.

I've also been experiencing a strange 'block' to posting... I'm thinking it's stemming from the new tech learning event, in part.... some mornings I wake up feeling very positive about posting but then I'll get distracted, side tracked, snagged and just lose it.

There are things to tend to and so I'm just going to jump in and.... tend to them.

First up..... Saisquoi? needs a 3rd PIF person, if you're wanting to join in she can hook you up!

Next up.... I have been gifted this lovely award by 6 wonderful women. (this is probably another reason adding to that 'block' mentioned above, how does one choose only 10?) Mary Ann aka nonizamboni has helped me out with this.... I'll take them as I 'think' I remember the order in which they were given, that way I'll get to include everyone who makes my day!

First up was Amy, she's a local knitter and with that in mind I'll start with the local knitterly bloggers who make my day....

Eric & Tony
Ree aka The Pioneer Woman... no, she doesn't knit that I know of, but can you imagine if she did? Reading through some of her posts though I have gotten the strong impression that she lives in Oklahoma and I love reading her stories and seeing her photos.

So ok, there's only 7 blogs there (Eric and Tony blog together) so I'm going to mention some blog-free people who make my day....

Ms.K... yes, ok, she does have a blog but she's taking a break from it and she definitely makes my day.
Gretchen.... (I think it counts that she's been a guest blogger here) she definitely makes my day. She's very sneaky.... I loves me some sneaky.
Lynn..... she lives in Northern Ireland, Lynn, you do indeed make my day.

There will be more lists.

Knitting? Oh yes.
Will there be photos? We'll see how it goes.

Thorpe hats.... these are great hats. Still haven't gotten a photo of Conor and Gracie in theirs, nor Avery in his but.....

Gracie's.... two colourways of Paton's SWS

Avery's.... Peace Fleece, Grass Roots
This yarn was gifted to me by the Most Lovely Dianne, two skeins, it didn't surprise me one bit that Avery chose this yarn, but he's not getting the other skein.... mine, all mine.

I have gotten some incredibly delightful gifts over the past few weeks and as soon as I find that little 'whateverit'scalled'.... sigh.... I'll show them.

I'm also working on a Blanket. For Bobby. Noro Big Kureyon #7 colourway, muted colours (I love them)... I call it the BBB, sometimes I add another letter to that but we'll let it stand as the triple B.
I want to finish this blanket in a big way so I'm not allowing myself to start or work on anything else (although Norma directed me to a 'calling all hands' so a blankie square is going to sneak in)... but seriously.... I want this blanket off my needles, finished at which point I can resume other knitterly pursuits.

Other news..... you know that Sneaky Gretchen? She signed me up, put me in 'the' line... Ravelry, yep.
I had opened my mailbox one morning, saw the 'invitation' which puzzled me, seriously puzzled me. I started thinking about it... Gretchen was my prime suspect, I asked her about it and she 'fessed up', and proudly I might add... (this whole event has tickled me greatly)
She knows me so very well.
I've only gotten as far as registering, I'm 'MsKnotminding', I still need to create an account with Flickr.... blah blah blah.... heh.

But for now... it's 67F here in Tulsa this morning, I've opened windows and doors letting the fresh air flow through, it's delightfully balmy, the thermals have come off for the next 24 hours at least, and the daily chores and BBB are calling me.

.......and now it appears there will be no photos today.... back to the drawing board, just as soon as I clean up the exploded brains bit......

Happy Knitting to All and continue making good time.